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 03 Mar 2009 at 5:46 pm
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Well hidden around Dempsey Hill Green which is just next to Dempsey Hill. A pretty cozy place tucked around in the quite side of Dempsey. Might be quite hard to find it though and not so accessible by car. Went there super early cos i was hungry and me and my bf were the only people there except for the waiter and the chef.

Like the design and deco, which is a Europeanish. They serve food which is a mix of Indian and western. Tried the Lavender chicken and the Kathi Role. the Lavender chicken is quite unique and the sauce was pretty good (always ask for more sauce!). The Kathi Role is a wrap filled with chicken , bell pepper and red onions. Thought it was going to be very hot but it turned out fine and was very very nice. But the wrap tasted a bit like microwaved prata? and was quite hard to bite into.

Had the Royal Belgium Chocolate Truffle Cake which was very rich and yummylicious but not so thick that you can't finish it! love it very much:)

Booking of seats might be kinda har...   

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