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Shaw House
350 Orchard Road, 5th/6th Floor
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Arts and Entertainment » Cinemas

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    » 11 Reviews for “Lido Cineplex ” - Arts & Entertainment

  1. thinkefy
     06 Apr 2013 at 8:57 am

    Love this cinema as I feel that its the nearest to all the food and entertainment situated right smack at the heart of orchard road. Though I find the seats a little squeeky and the walkways a little too old for my liking, it sure brings back lots of great memories. I practically grow up there....

    Their regular theatres I should say is bigger then most of the newly renovated cinemas and its is one of the very few cinemas that allows you to exit at the entrance which i totally love. I hate the fact that we have to tread through the unkempt, stinky, badly ventilated and ill noticed escape staircase after our movies... Can you imagine.. you walk in on red carpet with the cool air conditioning and after the theatre delivered their service ( which you have paid for) You just have to ESCAPE through their REAR.... Its just seemed to be so not right...

    Love also the fact that there are many small restaurants and fast food joints around the cinema area for a quick bite before the movie. Love their popcorn as well... I think SHAW's popcorns tasted great and pretty value... Soooo Love the jap supermarket at the ground floor.... I love to buy some jap snacks to discreetly eat while watching the movie... NOTE: don't buy the crunchy or noisy ones...

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    1. wenki
       18 Jan 2010 at 12:12 am

      I don't really like going to lido cineplex to watch movie. I always have a bad impression of lido cineplex. This is because the last time i went to that place there was this awful toilet or rotten rat smell. The smell was so terrible that i wasn't able to sit still in the movie hall. Lucky some other audience went outside to buy air freshner. The entire movie hall suddenly became fresher and active once again. I also think the cleaners that were cleaning the movie hall was not efficient enough. When i went there there were still popcorn left on the floor unclean. Well, i really prefer GV or Cathay more than lido. I am willing to pay more to have a comfy movie journey.

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      1. peik
         03 Mar 2009 at 10:44 am

        Went there recently to watch Slum dog Millionaire (nice movie i must say.) Went to theater 1 which is huge and there is alot of room space! Went in late so had to cross over several people and unlike other cinemas where the entire row of people has to stand up to allow you to walk, the people didn't have to shift much for us to walk rather comfortably. The screen was great too.

        Love the fact that you are not just limited to one store. Can bring whatever food is there on the level.

        BUT. the lack of toilets in lido is really quite troublesome. The cinemas are built to hold so many movie watchers but there is just a few pathetic cubicles. Theres perpetually always a queue not to mention when the movie ends. Waiting time is a killer and couldn't be bothered to queue so we went off to another toilet which required us to pay money. Definitely need to revamp the place for toilets.

        Not the best cinema around but it is reasonable i guess. But with the same amount of money, you can go to other places which offer better value.

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        Rating given:3 stars
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