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Shaw House
350 Orchard Road, 5th/6th Floor
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Arts and Entertainment » Cinemas

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  1. zihui
     29 Sep 2007 at 2:28 am

    I guess we can't do much when I place is old. It's just old. Nonetheless, my experience there a couple of weeks back wasn't too bad. I was in Lido 2. It could have been because I didn't notice, but there wasn't a particular stench that I sensed. If I'm not wrong, Lido 2 could be one of the bigger cinemas? It does have rows A to O (or so).

    Apart from the individual cinema, I think there is something nice about the place in general too. It's like a mini gallery of it's own, with posters hanging around the level. It kinda sends you back in time with the display of major blockbuster films shown over the years, and famous stars who have visited the place. It's something special that you don't see at EngWah/ GV.

    For that, I think, despite the possible smell which I think most places would have eventually, Lido is quite special actually (:

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    1. genesis
       28 Sep 2007 at 11:28 pm

      What's brewing in Lido Cineplex? Nothing actually. One of the earliest cineplexes in Singapore. It has been some time since we walked into Lido for a movie. So when we walked into Lido 7, it felt as though we were transported back to the 1990s. Not a complement :)

      The cinema emits a strange smell. We were wondering where the smell came from. When we sat down in our seats, it felt as though the seat was about to drop. The cushion was almost non though totally worn out. Only then did we realise that the smell could have come from the cushion (it was fabric...soft...too almost never washed). Good thing the lights were dim and were kept dim even after the show. Just wondered if the cushion was stained with human dna samples from active sweat glands over the years.... the collection of which gave out the arid smell.

      Anyway it was the first time also after a long long time that someone's head blocked our view so that we had to watch the show between 2 heads...which seems pretty huge.

      Anyway the show saved the day...and we vowed never to step into Lido 7 again...until the place is being renovated and upgraded.

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