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Photos of Taiwan - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Taiwan - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Taiwan - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Taiwan - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Taiwan - Hotels &Travels

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  1. smudger
     20 Apr 2009 at 6:34 am
       Taiwan - Hotels &Travels   Taiwan - Hotels &Travels   Taiwan - Hotels &Travels   Taiwan - Hotels &Travels   Taiwan - Hotels &Travels

    This was a trip taken to Taipei, Taiwan late last year. I had a hectic and stressful time before that, so decided to unwind myself by travelling.

    Main highlights of my trip would consist the shopping, snacking and visiting of temples. Night Markets are aplenty in here, comprising of food, fashion and accessories. Shilin is the best of them all, offering all sorts of great bites such as Smelly Tofu, Oyster Omelette and the humongous Chicken Cutlet. Wufenpu’s the place for all the clothing and fashion at very affordable price.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to conquer the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101. Felt like a little kid looking in amazement at the magnificent aerial view of the city. Shopping craze? Head down to Zhongxiao East Road where the whole street is littered with top brands like Esprit, Mango, TopShop and SOGO.

    Travelling around is made simpler via the MRT Train. Very easy to navigate and in fact, their stations are located very near great spots such as Ximending and Long Shan Temple stations. Almost forgot, remember your prayers for safety and luck at the famous Long Shan Temple.

    I’m bewitched by the wonders of Taipei and I’m lovin’ it! Definitely recommending Taipei to everyone else! (:

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    1. peik
       08 Jan 2009 at 1:00 pm

      Just came back from Taiwan not too long ago. Was an excellent trip shopping and surprising the scenery is quite nice! If you go over to YeLiu and nearer to east side, you can see the sea which is very clean.

      For those who just wan to stay in Taipei, you can try staying at Rainbows Hotel (book early!) which is located right smack in the middle of XimenDing. For those who want to stay near XingGuangSanYue, can think of staying at Flowers Hotel which is reasonably priced too. Stayed there and the people there are quite friendly.

      Heard from the locals that Ximen ding is more for youngsters as in teenagers while for those 20 plus, can try Zhong Xiao Dong Lu which has more mature clothes.

      Went during December so most of the clothes were winter clothes, all were long sleeved so didn't buy much but went to their cosmetic shops and there were always offers. Went to buy cosmetic in XingGuangSanYue, surprisingly they had offer and those packages for their cosmetics. Much Much cheaper than in Singapore!! Do remember to collected your tax refund if you hit a certain amount.

      Those who like shoes, go to shilin. The shoes there are around singapore 10 bucks and they are super comfy. Something different from singapore as they are locally made.

      Those who like History do visit their National Palace museum, they have free guided tour everyday and for those who want to save money go on sat night after 6(if i'm correct),its free from then! there are lots and lots and lots of artefacts. very interesting and interactive. love the children's section, was very hands on.

      A ok priced trip but was very fun!

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      Rating given:5 stars
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      1. mystery
         20 Sep 2008 at 10:53 pm
           Taiwan - Hotels &Travels   Taiwan - Hotels &Travels   Taiwan - Hotels &Travels   Taiwan - Hotels &Travels

        I went for a week's holiday in Taiwan during cny. It was a very nice place to visit, but it's very cold during cny period.

        The scenery was nice, food was good and shopping was great. Due to wet season, I didn't buy much and was raining everyday, it was very wet and cold and every destination we went to are full of people, local and tourists.

        There are alot of night markets, opened even during cny period, be daring, try to eat their local food, which I didn't quite dare to try, smelly tofu, pigs intestines, etc.

        Ximending is a great place for the latest in Japanese and western cheapchic. Oh ya, make sure to try a bowl of flour-rice noodles at Ay-Chung's mee stall. I queue for 15mins to try this small bowl of mee suah.

        I would consider going again but will choose a good timing, not too cold not too hot, a just nice weather to go shopping.

        Btw, think should let all of you know, the goods and food are cheap, not the shopping mall of course.

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        1. eeml
          eeml said:
          i wanna go there too... i always watch on tv they have so much nice food to eat and at low prices... make me wanna go there.....
          22 Sep 2008 at 9:59 am
        2. mystery
          mystery said:
          Should go for knowledge and experience. But choose a good timing to go. Wish you Bon Voyage in advance :)
          22 Sep 2008 at 10:31 am
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