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 11 Jan 2009 at 3:23 pm

I used to have three mobile phone numbers in Starhub. One I used for business purpose, the other is the backup (due to the reason that sometimes my O2 phone is hanging it will forward important calls to the other one) and the last one is with my wife. When I decided to stop using O2 and used the old Nokia phone instead, my mobile phone cannot contacted at certain periods (maybe around 5 to 6pm) and the thing is I can call using my mobile phone but all callers will get a busy signal and will not even be diverted to the voicemail. I called customer service and I was just told that the starhub has no problem and it is my phone, he said maybe the SIM card is problematic. And the guy keep on insisting that it is not Starhub problem. What I understand is different, it is not me only having this problem, there are lots of my friends having this issue. Sad to say they have contract on their phones, mine doesn't so I transferred my business mobile to Singtel. And to make matters worse, when I d...   

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On the review for Singtel Mobile
  1. dynabyte
    dynabyte said:
    When I used to be a Starhub mobile subscriber, sometimes no calls can get in and I'm in the middle of Tampines!
    15 Jan 2009 at 1:14 am
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