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lia27's Latest Review
 18 Jul 2009 at 10:19 am

I went to Saizeriya on a tuesday around 7pm, surprisingly stil not that many ppl.

My fren & I were greeted by a smiling staff & immediately got a seat. The interiors were actually sparsely furnished if one compares it to other restaurants in Liang Court but it gives a very homely feeling.

The menu is also limited, they have salad, pasta, baked pasta, hamburg steak & some dishes which I have've never heard before & forgotton the name.

We ordered hamburg steak as it was the most valuable dish in the menu, it costs $7.89 or so only. We added their drink bar for $2.88.

Their drink bar has lime juice, lemon barley, ice/packet milo, coffee, tea, soft drinks.

When the steak arrives, it looked a little small for me but the taste was satisfactory. Their egg was small but cooked in a special way. The greens were sweetcorn & a little of broccoli which didnt taste that nice. The baked beans were normal. Overall, normal tasting but its still value for money.

I ...   

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