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lia27's Reviews

    1. Saizeriya   
       18 Jul 2009 at 10:19 am
    Category: Italian
    I went to Saizeriya on a tuesday around 7pm, surprisingly stil not that many ppl.

    My fren & I were greeted by a smiling staff & immediately got a seat. The interiors were actually sparsely furnished if one compares it to other restaurants in Liang Court but it gives a very homely feeling.

    The menu is also limited, they have salad, pasta, baked pasta, hamburg steak & some dishes which I have've never heard before & forgotton the name.

    We ordered hamburg steak as it was the most valuable dish in the menu, it costs $7.89 or so only. We added their drink bar for $2.88.

    Their drink bar has lime juice, lemon barley, ice/packet milo, coffee, tea, soft drinks.

    When the steak arrives, it looked a little small for me but the taste was satisfactory. Their egg was small but cooked in a special way. The greens were sweetcorn & a little of broccoli which didnt taste that nice. The baked beans were normal. Overall, normal tasting but its still value for money.

    I didnt get to try their dessert, they have panna cotta, tiramisu & another 2/3 more.

    I do agree its a cheaper version of Pasta Mania. Its best to go in groups of 4 to try out a dish from each section.

    We paid about $12 per person for our meal.
    Recommended to go again. Currently there's an ongoing event where you get a $5 voucher if you spend above $20 I think. The voucher can only be used in F&B outlets though. Still worth it.
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      2. Outback Steakhouse   
         22 May 2009 at 10:54 pm
      Category: Steakhouses
      I went with a friend to Outback on a friday evening, we beat the dinner crowd & was offered a table immediately.

      We weere served a table near the 'bar' so it was relatively noisy but acceptable. The waiter who took our orders gave us advice & offered us a small sample of their steaks FOC after much thinking/consideration on which steak to choose as it was our 1st time there. How generous.

      We fnally made up our minds & ordered the Victoria's Fillet & Outback Sirloin 8oz & went back to think about our drinks. Bummer.

      The waiter placed the order for our main dish & again offered us some drink samples & we decided on their cocktail Sangria which is alcohol green apple juice & a little soda. Not bad but i found the alcohol overpowering as it was bitter & I highlighted it to him when he came over. Immediately, he offered to add more apple juice to my drink to reduce the bitterness. Thumps up !!!!

      He didnt recommend the dessert when we asked him, instead he recommended an appetizer: Bushman Shrooms which are fried mushroom with their special ranch sauce. It was tasty but sort of average.

      The steaks were impressive & delicious & succulent despite being medium-well done.

      I'd recommend this restaurant anytime for whatever event. Service is top of the class. Food is top of the range. Though the prices are a little steep. Majority of the patrons are caucasians.... Perhaps that would explain the prices.
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           16 May 2009 at 1:01 pm
        Category: Steakhouses
        I went to this outlet with my family last weekend before the lunch crowd arrived so we only had to wait for 10-15mins before getting a seat. We took the al-fresco seats outside as the weather was cooling after a short rain earlier on.

        The moment we saw our table, it was in an awkard position just outside the door which is dumb. Normally people do not put tables in the path of a doorway. Its cramp & we requested for a table at the extreme end & the waiter immediately said 'No', 'Cannot'.... Citing the reason to be rain when the weather is clear without any sign of a dark cloud. In addition the area we requested to move to has shade under the umbrella so I dont see the problem. We even had to suggest them to move the tables around for space of 5pax.

        Being in a restaurant service, how is it that they can tell a customer those forbidden words like 'no' & 'cannot'. Even the manager was not in the least concerned about this issue & went about her own business.

        The food was fabulous unfortunately the service was not.
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          4. Island Creamery   
             12 May 2009 at 1:24 pm
          I went on a weekday with a friend after lunch to try out their ice cream.

          My experience there was quite a disappointment. There were alot of students flooding the place so there was hardly a place to sit & cause they're students, they were really noisy & spoiled the ambience.

          There were some big grps of students who wont even budge after eating, happily chit-chating even though they knew the place was crowded. Inconsiderate.

          We ordered a cup of ice cream with 2 scoops & nuts as toppings cost us $5.50. $0.50 for topping. Average pricing for ice cream. We had mango & strawberry.

          I disliked both flavours, it was overly sweet & creamy which leaves you wanting for alot of water. The topping wasnt crunchy at all.

          I heard their brownie was gd but it looks small & hard & not appetising for me to try it.

          The deco was not bad but the students were a total turn-off. I wont ever step into this place.
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               10 May 2009 at 1:23 am
            My friends & I went to Cold Rock to have dessert after dinner, my colleague recommended this place so we came to take a look.

            We helped ourselves to the tables inside & took a look at the bar, there were SWEETS CHOCO MARSHMELLOWS FRUITS. WOW.

            Not knowing what to order, we ordered their pre-set combi which is Break The Law, Heat The something & their standard Cold Rock ice cream combi

            Break The Law has bubblegum ice cream with M&Ms, gummy bears & marshmellows. I think due to the temp of the ice cream, the gummy bears & marshmellows were tough to bite.

            Heat The somthing has mango sorbet with dark mango, raspberry & strawberry. A very light & refreshing taste with sweetness from the fruits. Great combi !!

            Cold Rock standard has cookies & cream ice cream with oreo, cookie & something. Not bad.

            All 3 flavours compliment the ingredients quite well, there's smoothness, chewiness & flavour. Great ice cream.

            The interesting part was watching the staff mesh the ice cream with the ingredients, unfortunately this interesting action causes the ice cream to melt abit faster cause the sorbet was abit watery when the staff passed the cup to me.

            Overall, great flavours with toppings of your choice. Pricey & not really worth going except for experience. Recommend to go at least once. personally I do like the ice cream at Cold Rock but Ben & Jerry would suffice for me since Scoopz died.
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