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8D Dempsey Road
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6475-7787
Restaurants » International
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  1. foodphd
     17 Apr 2011 at 9:44 pm

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    Chocolate Orange Scookie – the best of both worlds; take a bite out of this scone-cookie with melting chocolate chips and orange zest. An interesting fusion between scone and cookie, we were very much looking forward to this unique dessert. Texture wise, it wasn’t scone like, nor cookie like. It didn’t have the crunchiness of a cookie, neither did it have the authentic scone texture and aroma. It was more bread-like instead. Sadly, the scookie wasn’t served warm, hence the “melting chocolate chips” were noticeably absent. There were just chunks of solid chocolate. The scookie was strong in orange zest flavour. Overall, we were slightly disappointed as this ‘unique’ cookie-scone combination didn’t outstandingly portray the qualities of scones and cookies. At s$3.50 per scookie, one would be better off with those from Da Paolo Gastr0nomia which delivers a perfect scone and cookie blend.

    Flourless Chocolate Cake – A chocolate cake coated with rich milk chocolate ganache, sprinkled generously with crunchy almond flakes; for fans with a taste for the classics. The flourless chocolate cake was made of distinct layers of sponge and fudge. The sponge was very moist, soft and dense – something similar to banana cakes. The fudge had a very strong toffee-like sweetness, accompanied by a milk chocolate aftertaste. We felt that the chocolate cake, be it the fudge or sponge, was not very rich in chocolate. The outer fudge coating also detached easily from the cake itself, and they felt like 2 separate entities. Not exactly the best chocolate cake around, but something new for the taste buds and might be a favourite amongst those with a sweet tooth.

    Bitter Chocolate Tart – with a thick crusty edge, enriching enough to satisfy all cravings. So far, the best chocolate tart we have tried is from Laurent’s. And after trying Barracks’ version, our stand remains unchanged. Barrack’s chocolate tart had a rather thin soft crust, with no strong buttery or chocolate aroma. The chocolate fillings consisted of 2 layers; the top darker chocolate was more bitter and slightly fudgier, while the inner layer of chocolate ganache tend towards a softer, creamier and sweeter note. Sadly, the tart left us with no sense of satisfaction.

    Chai Chocolate Cake – infused with the fragrance of chai tea leaves, this dark chocolate cake is a royal sweet treat with a twist. Chai is a kind of spiced tea from the Indian subcontinent. The Chai Chocolate Cake consisted of layers of chocolate fudge and sponge. The cake was exceptionally rich in Chai flavour. One bite of the cake and our taste buds were entirely overwhelmed with the aroma and taste of spiced tea. It was a very refreshing and unique experience. The chocolate sponge was moist and dense, not overly sweet. The fudge was the component which was heavily infused with Chai. As a chocolate cake, it probably isn’t one of the richest or densest, but it sure was a very unique pairing between chocolate and tea. Its uniqueness makes this Chai Chocolate Cake one of the must-tries in Barracks.

    Barracks Good Ole Fish n Chips – a hot pocket of cod fish a la English, paired with Barracks’ truffle fries to dip with malt vinegar and a homemade tartar sauce. A goreng pisang-like looking fish and chips, it felt more like a fusion dish due to the accompanying dip that tasted strongly of Indian spices. But the fusion was beautifully done this time, the sourish spicy dip was appetizing and awakes our largely unused taste buds for savory food. The choice of cod fish in Barracks’ fish n chips, unlike the commonly used haddock, was something different from other restaurants. However, the skin was not removed from the fillet and those portions with fish skin tasted slightly fishy. We felt that the batter was slightly too oily too.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. hburn10
       12 Dec 2010 at 8:40 pm
         Barracks - Restaurants   Barracks - Restaurants   Barracks - Restaurants   Barracks - Restaurants   Barracks - Restaurants

      My detailed review suddenly disappeared before I could save it so I'm keeping it short and sweet this time.

      Girlfriends and I went for the much read about summer high tea and my conclusion was its not worth it, even when we paid $18 per pax using OCBC card instead of the usual $22.

      Savouries: cheese and green olive sandwich, tuna and shrimp sandwich, chicken salad, vietnamese summer roll with peanut sauce - the spring roll was the only saving grace of them all,; the sandwiches were uninspiring and on dry and cold bread.

      Sweets: parsnip cupcakes, german chocolate cupcakes, pecan strawberry linzer, carrot cake, marble cake, lemon cheesecake - I didnt try them all but ALL that I did try were incredibly sweet. I took one bite and couldnt continue. They also have waffles and ice cream towards the end it was a refreshing change to the sugar overdose before it.

      Coffee / Tea - I tried their white rose tea and it was only average.

      There seem to be a problem with the refilling of the items even though the place seemed to be have quite a number of staff pottering around and was only half filled. I wonder if the ala carte menu will be better?

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      Rating given:2 stars
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      1. Massie
         19 Aug 2008 at 7:49 am

        Went there for dinner to celebrate my gd fren's birthday. It was a surprise birthday dinner.

        Barracks have several rooms opened for booking if you come in large group. And each rooms are decorated differently with different themes.

        They have alfresco dining as well but kind of eerie cos the area faces the forest.

        We ordered the truffle fries (dont really like) and the long sausage (forgot the name). The sausage is nice.

        Maincourse - ordered the fish and chips deeped in beer batter. Really good. Their steak and pasta was also good. And perhaps there were all girls- we couldnt finish our course.

        Would come back again for their food and their decor!

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        Rating given:4 stars
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