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2 Handy Road
#02-12/14, The Cathay
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Telephone: 6235-2467
Food and Beverages » Ice Cream
Photos of Ben & Jerry’s (The Cathay) - Food & Beverages

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  1. crumblepie
     25 Mar 2010 at 3:43 am

    It was fairly quiet when I first got there with my boyfriend, ordered our ice-cream and thought we'd just enjoy the rest of our time at B&J in peace. Then the bands/singers/performers started streaming in, so did all their friends and the place started getting crowded, well you get the picture :)

    It woulda been alright if the song choices were suited to the environment, especially when it's only noon where people just want to chill out and not listen to someone shouting into the mike about emo stuff. Do some bossa or slow happy songs or latin or something...have the management screen the performances beforehand.

    The ice-cream however, was delicious! How can it not be? It's Ben & Jerry's!

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    1. hburn10
       18 Feb 2010 at 1:37 pm
         Ben & Jerry

      Terribly overpriced.

      The outlet have a good sized couch area right in front of the band set which wasnt playing when I was there that night. I guess low tables are good for having ice cream and catching up but I found the couch seats rather bad for people who want some privacy chat.

      Each scoop costs $5.50 if Im not wrong, and is already more pricey than most brands around. Because there was about 8 of us, the satff cheerfully recommended the Merlionster, which was 6 scoops topped with various stuff like bananas and brownies. It was probably our fault too for not looking too carefully at the prices, but we never thought it will cost $32.90.

      Technically, it is still cheaper than if you would have ordered 6 ala carte scoops. BUT they could have done much better than to squash all 6 scoops into a tiny plastic bowl with whatever 'vairious stuff' it was supposed to hold threatening to drop off the edge of it. This was by far the most expensive ice cream I had ever had. I shudder to think how the Vermonster looks like for the charge of $88.00.

      And I had the Snapple at $3.90 instead of their signature milkshakes which were $8.90 for a small size cup.

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      1. whiteblanko
         13 Sep 2008 at 9:55 pm

        i think ben & jerry's is a colossal ripoff. (please dont sue me)

        i paid $13.80 for a (puny) double belgian waffle with 2 really small scoops of ice cream. realllyyy small. we got strawberry cheesecake and one cheesecake brownie which were quite good, my only grouse being the stingy portions.

        background: double belgian waffle comes with (a) choice of 2 ice creams - my advice, choose the ultra chocolatey ones (b) choice of topping (choc cereal, m&m, choc rice, chopped peanuts and some rainbow sprinkly things) (c) choice of caramel or hot fudge (don't kill yourself thinking, they give u so little of this that you cant really taste it anw)

        well what i was extremely unhappy abt is their presentation. im actually not a fussy person, i dont like pretentious, prissy foods which masquerade as pieces of art. but plastic plates, plastic fork and knives and disposable napkins are really pushing it. if i want to feel like im eating a waffle&ice cream combo in a fun-fair, i will go to one (and pay infinitely less for it).

        but other than that, the atmosphere is quite hip (ok a bit act cool, but still) and i did like the friends re-runs they were showing. the table set up is obviously to discourage muggers from camping out, but who can study with phoebe singing songs to kids abt chastity??

        to end off my extremely whiny and rather b****y story abt b&j, i'll just remind everyone not to go there again. maybe just take a sample, smirk and skip away, cos they can afford it (plastic cutlery v cheap. save on water bill and dishwashing staff)

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        Rating given:1 stars
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        1. hburn10
          hburn10 said:
          I so agree about the rip-off part :D
          18 Feb 2010 at 1:38 pm
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