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2 Jurong East Street 21
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6665-9296
Restaurants » American
Photos of Cafe Cartel (IMM) - RestaurantsPhotos of Cafe Cartel (IMM) - RestaurantsPhotos of Cafe Cartel (IMM) - Restaurants

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  1. Jeslyn Tee
     27 Nov 2007 at 2:15 pm
       Cafe Cartel (IMM) - Restaurants   Cafe Cartel (IMM) - Restaurants   Cafe Cartel (IMM) - Restaurants


    Known for the nice bread that is free flow. Crispy crust and very very soft inner portion. Real nice.

    Cons: Poor customer service. Slow in serving. Even a basket of fries takes 30 mins. My friend made her order and its only after 10 mins that someone came over to tell her its not available. Since the waiting time for that period is 30mins, she have to wait extra long just to eat something. No response from the waiters there and when finally we got a person's attention, she gave us a blank look when we ask for plain water. She proceeded to clear the table and we proceeded to get our own plain water refills!

    Edited on 01/05/08

    went for the 2nd time today as we decided to give this place another chance. Well, we won't be going for the 3rd time as this place totally disappointed us.

    We ordered Peppered Fish Linguine, Grilled chick, Sirloin Steak completed with set meals and the chicken Salad.

    Peppered Fish: Well, I didn't taste any pepper in the fish and fish consisted of thick flour coated dory. As can be seen from the pics, oil seems to stand for most of the ingredients.

    Sirloin Steak and grilled chicken: Meat were tender but lacking in the natural taste. Sauce served with the meat didn't seem to go well with them. Carrots that were served with the meat tasted like they were cooked in sugared water.

    Salad: Chicken is well done, marinated and tender. In comparison, the vegetables were not fresh enough to taste good.

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