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11. The Software Boutique

Category: Computers, Video Games
Reviews: 1 reviews 
Singapore Shopping Review: 4 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"Kinda biased as the shop owner is kinda friend to me. We got to know each other of the last 8 years as I always visit the shop again and again for all my software needs, be it North Antivirus, Mircosoft office, PC games or Mac games. The Software Boutique ( TSB ) has the best collection of PC and Mac games i know of in Singapore. TSB also has a ful..." [Read more reviews about The Software Boutique]

12. EpiCentre (Orchard)

Category: Computers, Electronics
Reviews: 1 reviews 
Singapore Shopping Review: 1 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"Just bought a Mighty Mouse from the shop at Orchard. The staff was lousy and did not know what the technical specs of the devices or what items were available in the store. When I tried to return the unopened package to get the Wireless version, they did not have it in stock and refused to give me a refund even though they could not tell me when ..." [Read more reviews about EpiCentre (Orchard)]

13. ME3 Cube

Category: Computers, IT and Computers
Reviews: 1 reviews 
Singapore Shopping Review: 4 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"That day i was walking aimlessly at Suntec city mall, trying to digest my lunch in my very full stomach. Some dazzling Sleek looking APPLE computers caught my eye. As i venture nearer to my new found interest i realised that i have stepped into a part of Suntec City Mall that i had never really been. It all kind of looked different then before so w..." [Read more reviews about ME3 Cube]

14. Cyberactive Computer (IMM Building)

Category: Computers
Reviews: 1 reviews 
Singapore Shopping Review: 3 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I was searching for a 8GB (or 2 x 4GB) memory card for my PSP camera and I couldn’t get it from the other Challenger branches near my house, so we call and found that the one at IMM still has stock. So we went and found this shop instead. An 8GB Duo Pro from Challenger cost around $100 for a Scandisk brand (made in japan). But here is less th..." [Read more reviews about Cyberactive Computer (IMM Building)]

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