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1000 Upper Changi Road North
Singapore 507707
Telephone: 62142451
Arts and Entertainment » Museum

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    » 4 Reviews for “Changi Museum ” - Arts & Entertainment

  1. Nicnic
     13 Oct 2008 at 11:18 pm

    saw this cafe featured in a pets magazine and decided to check it out with my baby

    anticipating for a real cool experience with maybe some food for the pets on the menu, id say im slightly disappointed. dont be mistaken, the bark cafe is referring to tree bark but not dogs barking :P which my friend was misled

    they merely allow the presence of pets. i asked for water for my baby and they said they have no plates for it

    food wise, my carbonara has a strong ginger taste, shrugs. and i had to wait pretty long for it, about 30mins? when there arent much people. but my friend's fried rice was good. average pricing of a main course is about $13-$18.

    they have real nice gelato and brownie! four main course, two deserts and a jug of drink, cost us $120. id say its abit pricey.

    ambience is good, but be prepared for some mosquito bites

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. Nemesis
       23 Oct 2007 at 11:07 am

      Happened to chance upon the museum while I was driving around after taking a meal at Changi Village some time back. Was curious to see what was inside, so decided to park my car and took a walk inside. Though it was a Sunday, there weren't many people there.

      As mentioned by spindoctor, if you want to have a guided tour, it will set you back by 8 bucks. So me decided to just take a look on my own instead. It was my first time stepping into the museum. And I was quite fascinated by the nature of the exhibits. This was attributed to the fact that most of them were the original documents, letters, newspaper articles, pictures,etc and all were preserved in their most complete form. Indeed, it was an eye-opener for me and you could actually read the words on those exhibits and take yourself back in time, and experiencing the emotions felt by the people during WWII.

      The whole walk took me abt 45 minutes or so, but that was because I did not read each and every article in detail. If i did so, it would probably have taken more han one hour.

      All in all, I would say that it was indeed an enriching experience and for those who have yet to visit this place, do go there on one of the weekends and revisit the memories of WWII.

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      1. superchewy
         15 Oct 2007 at 2:01 pm

        I've been there twice on field trip during my BMT and when i was posted to my unit.Guess that's the favourite place the SAF like us to be at.I think it's particularly because it bring back the war memories and how the many individuals in Singapore impact the lives of others.Many sacrifices were made and you can even see the actual prison cell size in one of the exhibits.It's really impacts me everytime i'm there and i guess the later generations like us are fortunate not having to live thru all these sufferings. Outside the museum there's a Bark cafe and I find the food there quite nice.So if u happen to go to the museum and looking for something to munch on you can just go to the Bark cafe or head down to Changi Village!

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        Rating given:3 stars
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