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176 Orchard Road
#01-41/42 Centrepoint Shopping Centre S(238843)
Telephone: 67324844
Food and Beverages » Coffee & Tea
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  1. thinkefy
     18 Mar 2014 at 11:15 am
       Coffee Bean (Centrepoint) - Food & Beverages

    I hang here waiting for the ladies to finish their shopping, had a nice slice of red velvet and some hot chocolate to calm my nerves from all the ferocious robinson's sale customers. Coffee Bean is always good, the aromatic beans though i'm a little caffeine intolerant smelt heavenly from where I seat overlooking the chaotic mess of "EVERYTHING I ALSO WANNA BUY"

    What they say is true, never get in the way of a sale grabber, else you be trampled and dragged along wherever she goes like a toilet paper trail from the edge of her heels as she strode out of the ladies. I used to love the chicago cheese cake, always find it cheesy and crumbly at the base yet this cake has become too starchy through the years.. Perhaps its the type of cheese used or the flour and cheese proportion, it just seemed not so yummy anymore. But you must try the red velvet cake, its the next yummiest cake Coffee Bean carries. Its crust is a sweet candied covering with moist dark purple red spongy body with a soft layer of thin cream. The cake tasted heavenly especially with tea. Its light on calories yet full in taste. Love the colour, love the taste. Price its pretty affordable and service is always smiling and quick. Location is fantastic as we need to hide from the crowd yet be able to keep an eye on the ladies when a porter is needed now and then to watch the loots...

    Location:4/5 Service: 4/5 Price: 3.5/5 Food: 3.8/5 Handicap friendly: 2/5 - not quite so because of some steps

    Will I return? As faithful as the sales get held

    Will I bring my friends? Yup.. we should so create a networking group there!

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    Rating given:4 stars
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