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1 Jurong West Central 2
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Telephone: (65) 6790-9575
Restaurants » Japanese, Desserts
Food and Beverages » Ice Cream

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    » 3 Reviews for “Crepe House (Jurong Point) ” - Restaurants

  1. kiyk
     30 Oct 2008 at 10:48 pm

    If you see a pinky pinky stall, it'll be the crepe house at jurong point. The shop is nice decorated with a lot of attractive display of crepe. It'll definitely catch your attention when you walk pass.

    Looks of the shop aside, the taste of the crepe weren't that fascinating. It was just average. I expected better.

    Given the price of each crepe at more than $5, i don't really think that it's worth it. The crepe is quite small plus the taste isnt that great.

    Also, there's no sitting area there.

    You can still give it a try though, but still, it is not really worth the money.

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. aaron84z
       09 Apr 2008 at 9:31 am

      This place looks really nice, and its located on the 2nd floor of Jurongpoint.

      Its been open for quite a few months now, though it was only a while back that i tried one of their crepes.

      Did i mention that this place looks nice and colourful? They have a listing of all their crepes, and some 'real' samples on display. If i could use a few words to describe them, it would be 'colourful', 'bright' and 'happy'.

      There are many many types of crepes to choose from, from the normal 'meaty' ones to dessert crepes.

      Unlike fellow yebber Great Sage, i did manage to see how they made the crepe. They just poured some sauce, evened it out on the pan and flipped it less than a minute later, and there you have it, a crepe!

      Another lady would then add your chosen ingredients into the crepe, and voila! Crepe for you sir?

      The only drawback is the crepes are pretty small, and at prices from $4.50-$7, its a really expensive dessert.

      There are no seating areas for you as well, so you're stuck on eating it as you walk, and i finished it in a few minutes.

      I must say, the anticipation must be worth more than the tasting itself, cause it didn't strike me as anything more than normal.

      Its worth a try, if you feel like you have a few bucks to burn and happen to walk by Jurongpoint :)

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      Rating given:3 stars
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      1. Great Sage
         21 Nov 2007 at 9:02 pm

        Someone told me that this store was located in B2 and i walked twice and still could not find the store. In the end, when i was feeling rather disappointed, it suddenly appeared right in front of me.

        Ok, after spending quite a bit of effort in finding the store, it is almost impossible for me not to have one of the crepe in my hands.

        This pinky store uses a open concept kind of idea in its store. Thus, one will be able to see every single step in making the crepe. I quickly make my order (banana ice cream crepe).

        One thing that i found out when ordering, is that they actually can choose the flavour of the ice cream. So, if the display item say vanilla ice cream, you can actually request to change it to chocolate ice cream (which i did). However, the green tea ice cream will cost an additional 50 cents more which i can't figure out why till now.

        I almost thought that i could see how they make the crepe. To my disappointment, the crepes are ready make. So, off she went to put in some fresh cream and bananas plus one scope of chocolate ice cream. The end product looks kinda nice.

        The first bite into the product was how come the crepe skin is soft. Orginally, i thought that the crepe skin is hard so when you bite the crepe, you can feel the crispness of the skin.

        The soft crepe skin make the whole thing rather flimsy thus it requires some skill to rather eat the crepe with style. One thing to comment is their ice cream taste fantastic. I think that is the only thing i love about this crepe.

        Price wise, i think its abit steep for such crepe to cost more than 5 bucks.

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        Rating given:3 stars
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        1. Shirley89
          Shirley89 said:
          i think its rather expensive for it to be $5
          03 May 2008 at 10:51 pm
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