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Lorong 6 Geylang
Telephone: (65) 9147-2850
Food and Beverages » Bakeries

Online bakery

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    » 1 Review for “Do N’ Dough (Geylang) ” - Food & Beverages

  1. mo_guai
     30 Dec 2012 at 3:25 pm

    I urge everyone to boycott this bakery "DO N' DOUGH" (Registration No. 53226715W)! Why? This is my story...

    More than 2 weeks before Christmas eve, my colleagues wanted a little Christmas celebration in the office so I purchased a deal from for a 1kg log cake with free island-wide delivery at $25. Immediately, I wrote to Do N' Dough to redeem my order and indicated the delivery address (my office) and required delivery date and time which was 24 December, between 9AM to 12PM. Do N' Dough replied on the following day to tell us to be (I quote!) "rest assured, your order will be delivered to you on the stated day and time".

    On 22 December, I sent a reminder to Do N' Dough on the delivery. There was no reply this time round.

    On 24 December, I called Do N' Dough at 10+AM and 11+AM to check on the delivery status but the line wasn't being picked up. At 2+PM, when most of my colleagues started leaving the office (as it was a half working day on Christmas eve), there was still no sign of the cake. Then at almost 4PM, the delivery person finally showed up and expected us to accept the cake as if nothing had happened. However, as we were feeling totally disappointed by the late delivery and upset by the attitude of the delivery person, we refused to accept the cake.

    Then at 4+PM, while I was on my way home, Do N' Dough called me and asked why we had refused to accept the cake. I reasoned with the guy and told him that I'll be asking for a refund as they did not honour the promise they had made. The guy said "they did not promise" anything (gosh! if "rest assured" doesn't mean "promise", then what?!) and said that my request for a refund will most likely be unsuccessful (really sounded like a threaten!). In the end, I asked for his name and he hung up on me.

    Since then, I wrote 2 emails to and called their hotline once (without success) to see if they could help me with the refund but till now, there is no reply from them.

    Anyway, it is not about receiving back the money now. Businesses that do not honour their promises and offer bad customer services should be gotten rid of. This is the reason why I urge everyone to boycott Do N' Dough.

    Last but not least, think thrice when you intend to purchase a deal from next time, who is also being irresponsible to their customers in this case.

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