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1220 East Coast Parkway
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  1. CK79
     11 Nov 2007 at 12:59 am

    THE guide to eating at ECP Hawker Centre ~~~

    ok, i'm not trying to brag or whatever here, but i've lived opposite this joint for almost 30 yrs already so i guess you can take my word for it... LOL

    Prime eating time: 7pm. Most value for money. Why? Maximum variety, yet with manageable queues.

    There are a total of 3 levels of stalls i have for this rating.


    Beef Kway Teow - This stall only sells soup beef kway teow. It's now run by the combined efforts of the 2nd generation owner (the son takes down the orders of the snaking queue) and the boss cooks. Sometimes, the boss takes a break and the son cooks and gets his gf/fiance (i think) to help out. They offer replenishment of the heavenly soup if you want. Please don't ask for dry beef noodles, if you want, visit the younger brother's stall @ changi village (the one selling nasi lemak that hawker ctr), it tastes the same but he sells dry version too.

    Starts @ 6pm, Price : $4 - 5

    Wanton Noodles - This stall rocks for two items. Sambal chilli and the char siew. The noodles are pretty ordinary and so is the wanton but the char siew and sambal are out of this world.

    Starts @ 6.30-7pm (depending), Price $3/4/5

    Satay Beehoon - If you've ever seen a stall where they had to put the satay beehoon on a plastic plate which is not a plate it's actually a PVC tray that supermarkets put beef in, you'll realise that they really mean bussiness. And not small, BIG bussiness. I've seen small petite girls finishing a $4/$5 plate by themselves from those PVC trays. Seriously, the combination of fresh ingredients (freshly cooked cockles, liver, sotong, kangkong, tau pok, pork strips, bee hoon and beansprouts) topped with their oh-so-smooth satay sauce is simply heavenly. For those who ain't convinced, there is also a cheap $2 sampler plate to try (but dun do that, the ingredients are much less and seriously the $2 is pathetic)

    Starts @ 6pm, Price $2/3/4/5


    "Don't eat, regret ah"

    Duck Rice - Now some pple might think this duck rice stall is superb, but truth be told, most food courts now have decent duck rice stalls. A set meal to be shared by people (e.g. 1/2 a duck), though popular, is slightly a little expensive as compared to a normal duck rice stall.

    Starts @ afternoon, duck rice $2.50.

    Curry Puff - THE CURRY PUFF. This is one of the most underated curry puffs in whole of singapore. If you want a curry puff that tastes like somebody just put nice spicy chinese styled chicken curry into a puff, this is the one. You actually can see (and chew) the slivers of chicken strips and diced potatoes, not some mashed up mess that tends to come in other curry puff stalls.

    Starts @ 6pm (depending), each $1.

    Zi Char (Stir-fry/seafood)- (Corner beside a fruits/juice stall) This stall sells pretty decent zi char, and they have some speciality dishes that you don't find common like salted vegetable chicken. The old folks will love this stall, but not as universally appealing as the other stalls.

    Starts @ afternoon

    Congee/Raw Fish This stall is perfect for those looking to have a light supper without being too heavy. The congee is hyper smooth and the raw fish salad is tasty.

    Starts @ 7pm. Raw fish (single) $3, Congee $3/4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Prawn noodles (soup), Bak Kut Teh (does not open at night), fruit juice, muslim stalls are all decent as well.

    The BBQ stingray stalls are pretty similar but they have each their own individual way of doing the stingray (in terms of garnishing and type of chilli) for each stall so pick the stall which seems to suit your taste (they have pictures so you can guess)

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    1. zihui
       12 May 2007 at 11:08 pm

      For people who have not been to this place, I would suggest that you find a time to go to this hawker centre at ECP. It has almost everything you can find at any hawker centre - carrot cake, duck rice, chicken rice, dessert and drinks stall, fishball noodles, satay etc. But they have one of the best ones around! I'm sure this makes it slightly more attractive than the other hawker centres around.

      For those who have been here before, I'm sure you agree that it is not an ideal place to go with a large group of friends. Being a popular place, it is always packed during dinner time. It is hard to find a table for two, let alone for a large group of friends.

      Nonetheless, I'd still suggest that people go try the food here. There must be something about this place that attracts so many people there (perhaps the atmosphere and the buffet of choice!)

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      Rating given:3 stars
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