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1 Raffles Boulevard
24 - 25 November 2007
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Shopping » Bazaars & Flea Markets is excited to bring you the second Fashion Fusion, this time at Suntec Singapore! Join us for a weekend of non-stop shopping with more than 20 unique brands and local designers.

Be sure to find creative and unique brand new handmade fashion accessories, jewellery, latest fashion wears, modern gifts and many other prized finds!

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    » 3 Reviews for “Fashion Fusion @ Suntec Convention ” - Shopping

  1. decisomour
     30 Nov 2007 at 5:08 pm

    Was around Marina Square last weekend and I got a flyer from some guy while shopping at Marina. Since I was around the place, I decided to pop-by.

    First look at the room, it looked quite small. The place was packed with visitors. I managed to get in somehow with my friends. We shocked ourselves as we spent almost an hour in there! There were so many things to see and shop! I had to pull my friends away from some of the stalls so that we could move on to see more.

    One thing we like about this was the way they allowed us to shop and pay later. We were issed receipts for purchase and allowed to pay with Nets and collect our stash after we're done with the shopping. Good and bad thou... cos we tend to overlook at the amount of things we bought! Damage for the day was pretty alright, considering the things we bought - dresses, a bag, some accessories and couple of christmas gifts! Thanks to this event, I'm half way through my christmas shopping!

    Looking forward to future events! Maybe one with even more vendors would be great!

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    1. zihui
       29 Nov 2007 at 6:37 pm

      Fashion Fusion 2 at Suntec!

      To be honest, I found the place pretty small when I first stepped in. Perhaps it was the impression formed from the empty space on the layout on paper that made me feel that the place was going to be much bigger. I did hear quite a few people complaining that the place was rather small, but as a customer, I actually felt it was good that at least there was ample space to walk! (Ok, other than when people who just enter decide to all stop at the same place to see the same stuff haha.)

      I liked the variety of items that was provided to us. There were shoes, clothes and accessories, and that's basically all a girl needs! (Though I guess it would have attracted more crowd if there were more guys' stuff? Haha. But I think it's a trend or something, that it's always girls' stuff at bazaars like that.) If the items at one shop doesn't appeal to you, you can always go to another! I really liked that I had a few choices even for the same sort of stuff. Plus, I did find that the different price range was good in catering to different people. I noticed that some of the things there were pretty expensive. No doubt it was nice, but I could only browse most of the time. Some things were really expensive for a student who's out shopping on their own with friends, and as I noticed, there were many students who turned up. Fortunately, there were stalls like Dainty Damsels who provided these people with an alternative.

      But one thing I'm definitely grateful for this FF2 is that I did most of my Christmas shopping there! Settled a few items in a day, at a really good price, on top of that, with another 15% discount! FF2 was like an avenue for nice and unique stuff that I could get for my friends without having to worry that it could be too common or something.. (or my friends won't accidentally stubble upon the shop and find out how much their gift costs.)

      On the whole, I did enjoy myself at FF2! And it is definitely an improvement from the first event! In terms of location, I felt that Suntec was a good place because it's rather convenient to go. But I though having it in the room actually reduced the potential of bringing in more people. But at least there was air-con! I think that's good for both vendors and shoppers! :D I can't wait to attend the next Fashion Fusion!! :)

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. Bobo
         25 Nov 2007 at 11:26 pm

        Whee Fashion Fusion @ Suntec! It was held on the 24th and 25th (which is TODAY) in Room 325. I was there as a Vendor (a mini one) and a shopper!

        As a Vendor... I knew that there were some grievances that there was little space, however I liked it that way! It's a bazaar! And I think it should certainly look like one. Everyone managed to place their items somehow in the end so there wasn't much problems. There was sufficient space for people to move about, so that was fine too.

        The place is air-conditioned so that's a big plus compared to other places where you'll die in the sweltering heat (like today).

        The location is very good and I'm sure everyone knows where Suntec is. So regulars could drop by easily without getting lost. It's also more convenient for people as they could go for a movie or dinner after hopping by for a short shopping spree. So I think that's a motivating factor for people who know about this event beforehand. Also, at times when business was slower, the staff dashed down to give out flyers so that people who were already in the mall would drop by. That helped a lot. Can you imagine if you were in some warehouse flea market? Where are you going to do last minute publicity stunts? So this was a great location.

        The team also made efforts to put up posters and banners all over to inform people of the event on the 3rd floor.

        I liked how the staff got along with people and are receptive to feedback.

        But I think there should have been two mobile dressing rooms in the shopping area itself. Although it was already cramped, but I think it was a little nerve-wrecking for vendors to let customers take the clothing out of the toilet to try without paying first. (Luckily I didn't sell clothing)

        As a Shopper I would love to see MORE vendors! But one good thing was that the items sold were not very similiar. Most of the items were for women, if not all... So that's a plus for me. But I think it would be great if there were things that appealed to men too, so that the male companions wouldn't be tapping their feet or looking at their watches.

        I think the limiting factor could be.. the theme... Fashion Fusion. If it were ... "THE BAZAAR" there could be car-related items or toys to entertain the men. But that's my two cents.

        I liked how many modes of payment were accepted. That really helped some of the customers, so that no one had to walk to find an ATM.

        As a Yebber.. the overall experience... IT WAS FUN! I LOVED IT. I was excited the night before and the whole experience really didn't disappoint. Although I didn't make a lot of money but I managed to let people know about my blogshop and I got to know many friendly nice people! In fact, I got so ecstatic, I started posing for pictures all over (which is a first, mind you.) I wouldn't miss the next one for anything.

        Way to go Yebber!

        ** I'm happy I'm first!**

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        Rating given:4 stars
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