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101 Thomson Road
#B1-54/55 United Square
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Restaurants » Buffet, Brazilian
Photos of Fiesta Brasilia - RestaurantsPhotos of Fiesta Brasilia - RestaurantsPhotos of Fiesta Brasilia - RestaurantsPhotos of Fiesta Brasilia - RestaurantsPhotos of Fiesta Brasilia - Restaurants
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  1. His Food Blog
     05 Jan 2009 at 11:34 pm
       Fiesta Brasilia - Restaurants   Fiesta Brasilia - Restaurants   Fiesta Brasilia - Restaurants   Fiesta Brasilia - Restaurants   Fiesta Brasilia - Restaurants

    Situated at United Square, one can locate Fiesta Brasilia hidden at the corner on the basement level beside Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub and McDonalds.

    Started by one of co-founders of Brazil Churrascaria along Sixth Avenue and his partner, what sets this restaurant apart from the rest of the Brazilian meat buffet outlets is their casual setting and festive atmosphere, although a nice private dining area is also available.

    Dinner was kick-started by the Cheese Bread, which was something different and interesting – it had a nice cheesy flavour accompanied by a lovely chewy texture. Only drawback was that it was served cold – perhaps so that one can enjoy the cheesy taste better.

    HFB found the Pumpkin Soup to be mild-flavoured, and also thought it was strange it inclined towards saltiness rather than sweet-flavoured, but he truly enjoyed the accompanied Garlic Bread which he thought was crustily delicious.

    HFB then proceed for some salads, and cooked items that also included pasta that one can be ordered off the pasta bar. Voiced your pasta and sauce selection to the chef behind the counter and it will be served right to your table once it is prepared.

    While the Cream Sauce Pasta was nothing memorable, the Tomato-based version came al dente and the sauce was surprisingly not too bad amidst the lacked of ingredients.

    The first item off from the Passadors, or meat-wielding waiters in Portuguese, was the Snow Fish. The snow fish has a nice firm texture and HFB readily indulged in the nicely charred exterior. However, one had to be careful while eating it as it contains bones within.

    The Roast Chicken was a joy to behold – the meat was succulent and the crispy layer of skin was something to die for – this is a MUST TRY!

    The Tenderloin wrapped with Bacon though could be better executed – the meat was slightly tough – similar to my experience with Vibe.

    The Roast Lamb though was something out of the ordinary with a hint of peppermint flavour, although one may find it slightly gamy.

    HFB was pretty impressed by the Rump Steak; known to shrivelled when roasted or grilled, it was surprisingly juicy despite it’s lacked of fats.

    A few tiny shaves of Honey Roasted Ham revealed a nicely roasted exterior and a sweet tasty bite – something comfy from everyone’s favourite ham.

    The Baby Beef, which HFB assumed it to be from a baby calf, was just as brilliant – it was scrumptiously moist and tender and HFB would definitely have more of it if it weren’t for the fact that there was still the Topside Beef Steak to go.

    Medium rare was the way the topside beef was prepared and the requested thinly sliced beef was deftly carve from the skewer. It was truly a nice piece of meat to savour and HFB definitely didn’t regret one bit to save some space in his tummy for it.

    There were a couple of meats to go but one surely could not leave this place without having the Mövenpick Ice Cream and Cheese Platter served at the dessert corner.

    And if you are above 18, do also give the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national aperitif a try! Made with Cachaça, Sugar and Lime – have a few sip and enjoy a festive mood with the passadors who will not hesitate to swap their skewers for some percussion instruments and a douse of samba music.

    Fiesta Brasilia is definitely the place for a fun, loud and crazy night out with your peers!

    You can view all the photos here.

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