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2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard, #B3-20
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Telephone: (65) 6509-8259
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Photos of Fish & Co (Ion Orchard) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fish & Co (Ion Orchard) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fish & Co (Ion Orchard) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fish & Co (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants

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  1. x33kawaii-lov3
     04 Feb 2013 at 12:42 am
       Fish & Co (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants   Fish & Co (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants   Fish & Co (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants   Fish & Co (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants

    Previously I had tried seafood platters at other restaurants before and they were quite a large serving.

    Although it says for 2, it is sufficient for 3 or even 4 if we do not have large appetite.

    So we ordered a seafood platter for 1 and another one for 2, sharing among the 5 of us.(:

    The waiting time was quite long though, but since it's a platter, I guess it's understandable?

    True enough, the platter was enough for the 5 of us, although we weren't very full, it's enough to fill our stomach just right.

    Each seafood platter is served on a bed of paella rice and chips.

    The platter for 1 includes tiger prawns, dory fillet, and calamari.

    While the platter for 2 has tiger prawns, dory fillet, calamari and blue mussels in garlic lemon butter sauce.

    Really love the tiger prawns for that they are fresh and sweet, and it is made in a way that its easy for us to detach it from its shell, with just fork and spoon ;D

    The dory fillet are also fresh and it’s not too dry, the calamari was not bad too. :D

    The fries and rice are normal.

    In terms of the amount, the seafood platter for 2 has 10 tiger prawns which are really pretty large.

    The size of the dory fillet is average, though I’m wishing for it to be bigger in size since I’m a fish lover ;D

    The amount of calamari was really a lot, my friends who finished it said they are super full from it.

    The mussels are gone in seconds, but the amount is reasonable.(:

    As for the rice and fries, it’s quite normal and just right.

    And for the seafood platter for 1, basically the items are different by half. 5 tiger prawns, almost half the amount of calamari, dory and rice.

    Overall it’s quite worth it if you are a seafood lover with the prawns and mussels. It's about $14 for each of us sharing.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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