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Photos of Freda’D (Perfumery) - Shopping (Online)Photos of Freda’D (Perfumery) - Shopping (Online)Photos of Freda’D (Perfumery) - Shopping (Online)Photos of Freda’D (Perfumery) - Shopping (Online)Photos of Freda’D (Perfumery) - Shopping (Online)

Perfect Scent, Perfect Moment, Perfect Smile

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  1. Pink Kitty
     10 Jun 2014 at 12:02 pm
       Freda   Freda   Freda   Freda   Freda

    "When children her age were frolicking in playgrounds, Freda was introduced to the magically world of scents.

    Freda's first step into daddy's perfume shop left her speechless. Looking around in awe at shelves upon shelves filled with colourful bottles that decorated the shop and the different scents that permeated the air, Freda was at once; wonderstruck, fascinated and curious at what secrets this great smelling place held.

    Everyday at daddy's perfume shop was an adventure! Watching daddy handling customers, being introduced to different scents and being allowed to mix scents (under daddy's ever watchful eyes); eventually led Freda to be known as the little perfume girl.

    This was the start to her relationship with the world of perfumery!"

    The story of how a lovely 3rd generation perfume maker begins her journey on concocting the unique perfect scent to suit your taste and preferences.

    I had the honour of meeting Freda herself at flea market event. She was very professional and give good recommendation according to your likes. I was hesitant at first to try out since I already have my personal favourite scent, fortunately, Freda was very confident that her recommendation will get me hooked on and sprayed sparingly on me. Oh boy! Was that the best scent ever or not! I am since addicted to her perfume and I even invited her down to sponsor my company's large scale event! Freda and Hairul did the perfect job of scenting the venue and had a small booth where it attracted lots of guests and other venue organiser who want to work with her.

    Well what more can I say to Freda'D perfume? Simply the perfect scent for that perfect occasion.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. thinkefy
      thinkefy said:
      WOW :) brilliant
      10 Jun 2014 at 12:05 pm
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  2. Leenie Pigs
     20 May 2014 at 10:23 am
       Freda   Freda   Freda   Freda

    Have you ever entered the lift and realised the fragrance you used "that most likely have worn off with aging" have became stronger? Then you realised somebody else is wearing the same label as you are and it kinda smells better on her!!! *DARN* You just had a perfume CRASH!!! and I hated that!!!

    They say scent triggers the memories much more than visual impacts as its the highway to your subconscious. This is where Freda D Parfum is the saviour to our lasting impressions and unique personalities. Freda D has got 3 generations of perfumery heritage, making oils and analysing parfum concoctions is as much a passion as its in her blood. Now holding 7 signature scents with much more to come in the near future, Freda D is who you will go to for that tailored fragrance.

    I was excited to meet the couple behind this upcoming brand at a flea event in which the backdrop itself is more of a Jaw Dropper... Elegance and memorable are 2 words i would use to describe their showcase. I tried the many scents they have, each with a distinctive theme and carried varied notes of floral, citrus, spice and fruity sweets while I fell in love with something called SEXY!

    While they generously allow me to try it on my skin, the scent lasted for a long time, might i say about 8 hours in a hot sunny day and lingered on my clothes after one wash with detergent. All scents are housed in a sleek glass bottle that is easy to carry around in bags and in a beautiful gift box if you meant it as a gift, priced afford-ably so many can own a special scent, yet they are not readily available at your common departmental stores which is what made them so rare . I love the handy carry around bottles as I usually get sick of the fragrance before i could complete it especially when it sits in a 100ml bottle and turns yellow..... * i always wonders why*

    Made with passion and loads of experience, if you want a signature scent or to customize a signature scent, Freda D Parfum is the one to look for. Can you imagine your own signature scent at your wedding, instead of a family portrait, you have a family fragrance.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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