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102 Towner Road
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Telephone: (65) 6464-1212
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  1. Wendy
     23 Nov 2008 at 12:47 pm

    Earlier this month, my television (which has been serving my family and I loyally for the past 5 years or so) finally called it a quit and stopped functioning. It was a terrible blow to me, I must confess, as I am such a vivid fan of televison watching. :) For this reason, I "psycho-ed" my mother to replace a new set for the family quickly and the place where we chose our latest TV set was from Gain City (Boon Keng).

    Now, the main reason why we select this outlet was primarily because of its close proximity location to our place, and the fact that we have made purchases from them previously. In fact, the now "rested in peace" TV was bought from them several years back, and we were relatively satisfied with the purchase experience.

    Anyway, this time round, I have to say that the service quality was still okay except that the salesperson could be more pro-active and be better equipped with the product knowledge. For instance, when we were asking about where is the place for manufacturing for certain models of TV, the salesperson was unable to provide us with a definite answer off-handedly. He has to check through his file and answer us. I can understand that there may be a lot of product details and it is impossible for him to remember every single thing but I guess it will be good if the salesperson is able to answer those "frequently asked questions" promptly. This will reflect well in their service level and professionalism.

    Also, we were standing in the shop for about 10-15 min before 1 salesperson actually approached and attended to us. There was no other customers in the shop at that time and there were 3 salespersons sitting behind the counter. I wondered what they were thinking or assuming then. Well, possibly that the customers are just looking around and not intending to buy anything? I don't know about others but as a customer I would prefer more pro-activeness and friendliness from them. In the end, we did purchased a LCD TV from the shop and arranged for it to be delivered. We also arranged for our retired TV to be traded in to them.

    On the day of delivery, we were rather surprised as the deliveryman who came only brought us the new TV but they did not collect the old one from us. There was a slight confusion as all along we thought the collection of old TV will be carried out by the same deliveryman. When we asked him, he said that he was only asked to deliver the TV and nothing else. We would have to call and ask the retail shop about the collection. I was like, why didn't they specify that to us earlier? So I called up the shop and they said they will arrange another deliveryman to pick up the old one. We were waiting for them and now we have to wait for another man to pick up the TV? Moreover, they could give us a definite time as to when the next guy will arrive.

    So we waited and waited until it was mid afternoon then the guy came. The original time when the deliveryman delivered the new TV was 12pm, mind you, and we waited for like 4 hours before the other guy turned up! I could have done some other productive things during this period other than pure waiting. :(

    Thus, given my experience with them, I would rate the service level provided as only average. I guess that's fair and they could do better if they can improve themselves.

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