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4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
K Box Plaza #02-02
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6544-3113
Nightlife » Karaoke

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    » 2 Reviews for “KBox Karaoke (Plaza Ang Mo Kio) ” - Nightlife

  1. gucci
     09 Mar 2011 at 10:18 am

    when say KBox, pple ll tink its a nice, fun, relax enviroment, tat's wat i tink before i join KBox.

    i ve work in KBox for yrs. jus resign recently, is very disappointed with dem.

    Kbox management is really lousy.

    1- why dental MC is not counted as a MC? ve surgery on monday, alr inform outlet will need take MC, but ll told dental is nt counted as MC, went back to work on tuesday, (pain, numbness, busy like hell, but dey dun care)

    2- staff who work very hard for them is like a piece of ****, after e peak seasons(x'mas,cny) 1 little small mistakes and e staff is terminated.

    3- staff who work for years is still a junior staff bcoz dey dun talk good words to upper pple, staff who jus join in can quickly earn favour jus bcoz dey r good at tokin.

    4- staff works for years, but e bonus(less den $1000) is much much lesser den e previous yrs.

    5- resign staff is nt allowed back to visit ex colleagues as dey dun one ex-staff to disturb workin staff, but management staff can allow their own frenx in..

    6- single female captain dun ve program for e nitex, ve outlet meetin from 7pm plus till 9pm, tok **** for almost 2hrs, staff who wanted to go back oso cannot, coz captain say tis is a meetin, must respect, if e captain gt somethin on, she will say todae no meetin postponed to next dae, where gt tis type of captain e.

    7- got tis SOP(Standard Operation Procedure) courses almost every half a yr, aim to make all staff do e thin dey expect, but do e management done their own SOP?

    8- $8nett promo is killin all staff, all e management know is to ve promo to attract customer, so dey gt tis $8nett promo, but bcoz its only $8nett, its so cheap, it really did attract a BIG crowd, we r full house every promo dae den of coz there ll b complaint, management nv help to settle e problem, but even blame us on our services & everythin. why dun u *** down urself & work.. we shall see if u can do any better den us.

    hope after writin tis, e management will improve on all e rules & regulation to make staff feel more like workin there.

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    1. lingderella
       11 Sep 2008 at 12:12 pm

      KBox Plaza is located at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6. In Ang Mo Kio, there is two KBox. KBox Plaza is a newer branch. The rooms of KBox Plaza is spacious, clean and some of the rooms have three mics available and also have two plamas tvs rather than those normal tv set! So one plasma tv can be used for karaoke, the other perhaps for watching soccer. Also, some of their rooms have cordless microphones available. They also have a large party room with a pool table and large projector screen. However, their rooms assigning depends the number of person there is or even to the amount of spending. There is also a common smoking room located at a corner so that smokers can smoke inside rather to get out of the whole building to smoke. Also, the temperature of the air conditioner can be self controlled in the room and the lights can be tuned brighter or dimmer. Phone services is available so when service is needed, you do not need to look for service staff outside and just need to dial for service.

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      1. vanet
        vanet said:
        is this place still there? it's not reflected on the KBOX website
        08 Nov 2009 at 5:34 pm
      2. lingderella
        lingderella said:
        Yes. It is there. In AMK there is two KBox. 1 in Ave 3, another in Ave 6.
        23 Nov 2009 at 2:58 pm
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