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50 Jurong Gateway Road
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Telephone: (65) 6338-7368
Restaurants » Fusion, Western
Photos of LENAS (Jem) - RestaurantsPhotos of LENAS (Jem) - RestaurantsPhotos of LENAS (Jem) - RestaurantsPhotos of LENAS (Jem) - RestaurantsPhotos of LENAS (Jem) - Restaurants
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    » 2 Reviews for “LENAS (Jem) ” - Restaurants

  1. thinkefy
     10 Nov 2014 at 10:11 am

    I did not intend to write a review for this restaurant / cafe however the excellent service I received made me think twice as I did not take any nice pictures on the food.

    We went in to this restaurant tempted by the selections of ice creams near the entrance however we didn't manage to order any desserts...

    The varieties of mains, sides, appetizers and desserts are ample with lots of meal options to choose from. You may take a while to absorb whats inside the menu and well if you generally love pasta, then this is the place to go with lots of pasta and pizza selections.

    We made our order and added on a half pint of draft beer which came in these really cute glasses. While we were digging into our food, one friendly staff came over and explained to us the promo available and offered to change our beers to a 1 pint one which could give us a free deep fried pork ribs.

    Though the pork ribs were really tiny cubes of deep fried boney stuffs, we appreciated the staff to take time to explain to us and offer us a better deal. Anyway, we had 1 pint of draft beer each and had some free snacks which made us too full for dessert afterwards.

    The food we ate: 1) Carbonara pasta : Pasta was well cooked and sauce tasted creamy and flavourful. It was pretty well done and portion was just right for one.

    2) Half Chicken with coleslaw and baked potato. Chicken was drizzled with a BBQ sauce and grilled to a crispy skin. The entire platter was generously placed, chicken juicy and pleasant to eat.

    3) Deep fried Ribs was just deep fried. It was crispy and goes well with the sweet thai chilli sauce.

    Service (4.5/5) - Staff have lots of initiatives, very responsive, meal came quick and tables are cleared quickly and very clean. Never seen staff clean the table with the rag so strenuously. I'm impressed.

    Food (3.5/5),

    Location (4/5) - Mall is Super near to JE MRT station,

    Price (3.5/5),

    Ambience (3/5) - Cafe like and noisy but casually nice :)

    Will I return: YES

    Will I bring my friends: YES

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. Leenie Pigs
       22 Nov 2013 at 11:56 am
         LENAS (Jem) - Restaurants   LENAS (Jem) - Restaurants   LENAS (Jem) - Restaurants   LENAS (Jem) - Restaurants   LENAS (Jem) - Restaurants

      Looking for a nice spot to dine and chit-chat is not easy in this huge spanking new shopping mall. As we are hot on some gossips, we decided to have our dinner at LENAS because of its discreet looking cushy seats especially with privacy corners that looked like confession booths.

      The staffs were a happy teenage bunch, full of energy and extremely jolly, well we kinda felt young too. Meanwhile, the menu was served and there were loads to choose from. You have pasta, pizza, sandwiches, rice, hot pots and all sorts of other mains to choose from. On top of the various courses, you also do have a good selection of colourful desserts.

      We were actually planning on a light dinner to make sure we fit into the skimpy crowd on Zouk Out 2013 but we couldn't deny the licentious temptations of the sexy desserts and mouth watering mains.

      We ended up with a smoked salmon all day pancake which is savoury and smoked salmon fresh yet blended extremely well with the pancakes, syrup, eggs and butter...

      We also had a oriental spicy chicken with rice. The chicken was okay and the sauce slightly spicy yet the rice is a nice soft sticky and chewy mess. Really yummy flavored rice.

      We needed a sweet finish and we ordered an apple caramel ice cream as well as a Crème brûlée with a scoop of chocolate fudge. The only thing that is not quite pleasant is that we had to pay $0.20 for a glass to ice water. I mean its only water, why do you have to charge for that? I completely don't comprehend the logic. I always feel that these little charges are illustrated as a scrimpling mouse. Restaurant owners... can't you just cost the free ice water into your courses? Charging for ice water just makes you look CHEAP!!!

      The price is affordable yet the portion could be larger and menu a good selection, however charging for ice water is a big NO NO....

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      Rating given:3 stars
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