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1 HarbourFront Walk
VivoCity #B2-K10
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6376-7611
Food and Beverages » Bakeries

From humble beginnings, Lee Hee Tuang was a mang of simple passions possessed with a heart of gold. It was this love for his family that gave birth to the tradition of baking techniques gained from a secret family recipe. What started out as one man's passion to provide for his family, soon become a delicious Tau Sar Piah pastry for all ages to share and enjoy today.

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  1. foodphd
     06 May 2011 at 3:47 pm

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    Little Red Shop 小紅店, or better known as the Balestier Road’s 611 Tau Sar Piah, is arguably one of Singapore’s more popular 豆沙饼 shops. It is the first time we are trying their bean paste pastries and we chose the 2 conventional flavours – traditionally salty and traditionally sweet.

    The Traditionally Salty bean paste was rather coarse. It wasn’t all that salty and was lacking in the strong aroma and taste of salty bean paste. It was a far cry from the Him Heang Tambun Biscuits from Penang.

    For the Traditionally Sweet, the texture of the bean paste was akin to the lotus fillings in mooncakes. In general, Little Red Shop’s Tau Sar Piah were on the oily side; taste wise, they did not go well with our taste buds.

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    1. Great Sage
       03 Sep 2007 at 2:56 pm

      Little Red Shop on the Little Red Dot? A pretty interesting name for a shop i can say, as i almost thought that they are selling all sorts of red colour stuffs. Well, then again perhaps its this interesting name that has made me want to try their stuffs.

      Still wondering what they actually sells? Ok, a very big clue is they are formally called 611 tau sar piah cake shop. Yes, its the tau sar piah shop at balestier road. However, the original shop at balestier has ceased operation so they moved over to a new location at vivo city and give themselves a new name.

      Beside the traditional salty and sweet tau sar piah, they have other flavours like lotus, green tea, coffee, pineapple and even durian! Despite soo many different flavours, their traditional tau sar piah are still the most famous.

      The very first look when i saw their tau sar piah, i could not figure out what is soo special about them. Its lightly colour appearance makes me wonder if it is edible (well, usually tau sar piah are brownish in colour).

      Though it does not have an attractive appearance, i still decided to give it a try. The crust actually give out a buttery taste and this makes me fall in love with it immediately. Another good point of their crust is that it is not overly flaky which makes it easy for one to eat it on the go.

      The dark brown colour paste is a big contrast from the crust (in terms of colour) is blended till very fine and smooth. I pretty like the way they did their paste, kind of different from the rest of the tau sar piah i have savour before.

      These small tau sar piah range from sgd $0.7 to 0.8 per piece. Right now, they are having a promotion where by a box of 8 traditional tau sar piah costs sgd $5.40 and comes in a traditional flavour box with an specially desgined gift tag. Pretty good idea to have them as a gift.

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