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80 Airport Boulevard #021-034 Level 2
Terminal 1 (Departure / Check-in Hall East)
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Restaurants » Chinese

Good quality Chinese meals at affordable prices

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  1. hburn10
     06 May 2011 at 12:30 pm

    I chanced upon Ruyi at Terminal One while waiting for my flight out, and after I've since concluded that it is probably the best (and maybe only) mid-range-and-nice-proper-Chinese-food meal option at the terminal.

    The set up is similar to Chinese fast food style with self service counters (you take your own cutlery and chilli etc) and simple tables and chairs which could possibly seat about 50-60? The only thing is they dont allow luggage trolleys in their premise so you'll either have to risk stowing it outside and having to glance at it every now and then, or pick their corner table where you can put it next to you as that's considered 'outside'. There's a diligent auntie going around to make sure there's no trolley nonsense too. Cute.

    Chicken and zhachai noodle ($6.90) - I didnt have this but it looks like a simple clear soup with simple ingredients which I thought was a good-enough comfort food before any flight.

    Ruyi Fried noodle ($6.20) - I like this! Not oily at all, with many ingredients eg. cabbage, mini prawns, beansprouts etc. Also came in a circular take-away box which was a nice touch.

    Chicken wings ($1.80 per piece) - Always looks tempting behind the counter so I had to order some. While not wow, it was quite satisfying.

    Turnip cake ($0.60) - One of their signature dim sum items, and to be fair it did taste homemade. It was very soft and nicely grilled and not oily which I personally like alot.

    I've heard their fried rice is supposed to be good but have not tried that yet. One highlight is of course that they use the automated wok thingy which fries the food by itself but I'm not sure if that makes a huge difference in the flavour of the food apart from being a novelty (which you cant see in any case as its in the kitchen).

    Their marketing effort about screening a live video of the food in the works in high definition is definitely attractive and in fact makes everything look good. Good quality mid-range Chinese comfort food at the airport....why not?

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    Rating given:4 stars
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