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101-109 Telok Ayer Street
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Telephone: 6227 7425
Restaurants » Korean
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  1. Leenie Pigs
     05 Feb 2014 at 11:32 am
       Manna Korean Restaurant - Restaurants   Manna Korean Restaurant - Restaurants   Manna Korean Restaurant - Restaurants   Manna Korean Restaurant - Restaurants   Manna Korean Restaurant - Restaurants

    I dined here some time ago yet I just couldn't get over it. It is indeed a memorable experience, not in a good way, yet this was what happened.

    Me and my girlfriend (singular), while single and available are suckers for korean BBQ and while we met for aimless talks, we decided to dine somewhere near her office and ended up with MANNA. The entrance looked promising while they had quite a large space for expensive shop fronts. The restaurant can house about 100 patrons comfortably in tables and we were shown the menu while we could choose whichever seat we wanted and we chose a table for 6. The regular korean BBQ menu with some special dishes, yet we are all creatures of habits and did not linger beyond the BBQ meat page.

    The staff was of no help, matter of fact of bad help. We previously wanted to order some pork belly and sliced beef and was introduced the 3 meat platter which is a chicken, beef and pork. While we contemplate, we were asked if we wanted any side dishes and we ended with pancake which is supposedly one of the best made dishes here. To prevent our clothes from stinking while we are onto our post dinner drinks, we decided the meat to be cooked in the kitchen. What arrived later shocked us to the brim.

    The side dishes arrived first with 6 varieties to choose from. We were disappointed and the veg for the meat also arrived which is a frisky thin basket of a few pieces of veg. Apparently, they do charge extra if you want more veg and this frisky less than 8 leaves of lettuce with cloves of garlic is all we got.

    Pancake was a seafood flavor, regular slices I guessed 8-10 inch which is good to share with 4 other friends and the meats finally arrived and we were shocked till our spine tingles. 3 medium sized hot plates full of beef, pork and chicken, bulgogi styled and looked as if they were fried using the same sauce. We were overwhelmed... thats alot of food (aka meat) for 2 girls...

    Dinner ended with us eating: 2.5 slices of pancakes a little pork, chicken and beef yet we wasted more than 80% of the food and while the lady came over to clear our tables she asked us if we wanted to pack them home yet we would not know what we could do with it packed. She cleared the table with a disappointing face and we felt guilty. The thing is, the person who took our orders should advise us and not keep asking us to order more and introduce more stuffs, knowing we can't eat that much. The portion we ordered can feed 6 persons comfortably yet we didn't make a sound. The Singaporean courteous way of handling being sponged! We just make payment with no complaints but vowed NEVER TO RETURN as it will revive bad memories. This dinner for 2 came up to be about $220 with a plastic bottle of korean wine...

    Food is Okay, not fantastic, quite pricey i must say and service is so so.... The restaurant was pretty empty for a weekday evening in the CBD area with just another couple at the next table having some rice sets, while we blur dudes got sponged! 2 stars because its a bad experience for me yet staff was friendly and service level was OKAY! so yes it doesn't deserve 1 star but not 3 either!

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    Rating given:2 stars
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