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11 Mosque Street
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Telephone: (65) 6221-0830
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Korean restrant

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  1. hburn10
     05 Oct 2010 at 11:38 am
       Togi Korean Restaurant - Restaurants   Togi Korean Restaurant - Restaurants   Togi Korean Restaurant - Restaurants   Togi Korean Restaurant - Restaurants   Togi Korean Restaurant - Restaurants

    This place changed my mind~

    My Korean-food lover friend picked this for a Friday night dinner and said we should go early as its always crowded. She was not wrong in the end, and luckily we reached at 6:40pm; and got the last available 4-seater upstairs as the ground floor was already full by then.

    It was a good mistake that we ordered the side dishes first while waiting for 2 more friends, reasons below. They also serve little side dishes in accordance to the usual Korean tradition and here's what were plonked onto our tables (although we spied that the 2 Korean ladies seated next to us got more variety):

    Kimchi - didnt try as I actually dislike kimchi but looked authentic Spicy anchovies - Terribly addictive. I'd imagine it'll go very well with porridge. Potato Salad - Very nice, with peanuts mixed in it, which gave it an unusual crunch. Cold beancurd - Cold pieces of beancurd. Quite bland. Mixed veg kimchi - like achar....very good achar.

    Seafood omelette with leek - this must be the biggest omelette I have ever seen for an appetizer. It came all fluffy and rather plumped up with squid pieces and was really good as it was served hot off the stove. The only thing was I couldn't find any other seafood besides squid in it, so the title was a bit misleading I felt.

    Spicy rice cake - best korean rice cake, ever, and in big portion too. I tried this dish when I was in Korea and didnt remember liking it this much. The sauce was just nice, not tongue-pricking spicy yet very flavorful. It was not only rice cake as well - there were squid pieces and dumplings in the mix too.

    BBQ chicken - This was less wow than than the rice cake, but we had fun wrapping the chicken in lettuce before chomping them. The chicken had more fat than I would have liked though, but no worries health conscious nuts like me can remove them easily.

    Spicy beef soup - I dont take beef but tried the soup which looked scarily red but not spicy at all. Not too bad but was too full to take a proper bowl of it.

    Hite - Korean beer served very chilled. What's not to like.

    We had intended to order mains after the appetizers but got ambushed by the big omelette and rice cake. I was full even before nibbling on the chicken and soup, but also because we over-refilled on the appetizers which was just too addictive along the way.

    Service is nothing to complain about; they still managed to be quite efficient although the place was packed. There are also limited private saections on the 2nd floor which can be adjusted according to group sizes using partitions, but it doesnt mean you'll get less of the chatter and clatter, although nothing too loud.

    I will really recommend coming early to avoid the queues. Prices are reasonable given I spent only about $24 per person including beers and drinks. This is now my favourite Korean restaurant and this visit totally changed my mind about not liking Korean food~

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