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1F-18, 1st Floor, Bangsar Village II,
1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: 03-22828301
Restaurants » Greek & Mediterranean, Italian , Deli & Cafe , Fusion

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  1. tankiasu
     08 Jun 2007 at 11:24 am

    The food at Marmalade Kafe is simply delicious! This is actually not a new eatery, but a branch of their existing outlet in Mont Kiara. Well this is about 3 months old, located in the equally spanking new Bangsar Village II shopping complex.

    The cafe was already almost fully-packed when we walked in. A waiter promptly guided us to one last remaining vacant table next to the window. And you know what? Ning Baizura was seating just next to us!! Ok ok, she's not a very big deal nowadays.

    After browsing through their menu for what seems like eternity (we shoo-ed away 3 waiters that came to ask for our order ), we finally managed to decide. Phewww, tough to choose when you feel like trying everything!

    The drinks arrived shortly after,the first being my Banana Smoothies (RM9.00 ). The taste was good, and you can tell that its made of real fruits. Its pretty thick too, which I like, but not smooth enough as I can still feel some ice-particles in it. The fresh taste of bananas made this treat the au natural choice for purists.

    Rachel's Watermelon Juice - Single Dose (RM7.00 ) is fresh as well. But she found it a tad too tasteless, maybe because they put little sugar in it. Not everyone would fancy this I reckon.

    And the I saw my humongous Moroccan Lamb Shank (RM22.00 ). I've eaten Lamb Shank many times, but this is my first for Moroccan's style. Well it turned out I like it very much.

    This Lamb Shank came with rice, wedges of potato, heaps of vegetables, and delicious gravy that rich in many different spices. The gravy actually reminds me of some curry that you can get at Indian restaurants, but this one is more aromatic and less spicy. Some of the spices you can find are like star anise, cardamom pod and black pepper. I'm sure there were other spices but they were probably finely-grounded.

    The lamb itself was amazingly tender and juicy. It is probably braised for a long time, as you can taste the lamb is so infused with all the warm, soft flavours of the spices and is meltingly tender. It is so tender you can practically eat it with a spoon!

    The vegetables and the potatoes were a welcome addition to the shank. They also made the dish looks much more colourful. Love those alfafa sprouts and the purple cabbage, really heighten up your appetite! The same can't be said for the rice though. I thought it was pretty soggy and too soft.

    The Beef Lasagna (RM19.00 ) was equally impressive. Probably not the best I've eaten (those Italian's in Australia are pretty hard to beat), but certainly delicious enough for me to come back for more next time.

    I've no idea what was the white sauce that they poured all over the lasagna, but I can tell you it rocks! Goes very well with the minced beef. And just like most of the dishes here, they put in heaps of vege such as alfafa sprouts and cabbages.

    The portion is quite substantial, so you might get abit overwhelmed by the lasagna after eating about two-third of it.

    I can tell you I will absolutely come back again as their food is simply delicious. I also love the bright natural lighting, thanks to the huge windows that allow sunlight into this spacious cafe.

    They put some bean bags just next to those windows. So those who have some free time to spare might wanna come here to chill out, looking down to the busy and bustling streets of Bangsar below.

    Health-concious chics might find this cafe appealing too, as their meal is considerably good to your health with all those veges and fruits. Check out their cakes and other desserts too, they looked pretty good. We didn't as our stomach has expanded to its limit already.

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