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125 East Coast Road
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 94250075 / 9482-4944
Eating Places » Coffee Shops
Photos of Mary Corner - Eating PlacesPhotos of Mary Corner - Eating PlacesPhotos of Mary Corner - Eating PlacesPhotos of Mary Corner - Eating Places

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  1. Great Sage
     04 Jan 2010 at 5:52 pm
       Mary Corner - Eating Places   Mary Corner - Eating Places   Mary Corner - Eating Places   Mary Corner - Eating Places

    This store should have existed for a very long time now. I can still vaguely remember how my mom would buy their tau kwa for me to eat when i am just a kid. Yes, am indeed surprised that this store still exists after so many years. Perhaps, its special and unique recipe can indeed satisfy the taste buds of many people here.

    Mary corner is located in a coffeeshop near the traffic junction. Although the coffeeshop is a pretty small one but still there is some difficulties in locating this store. Thanks to its numerous signs, notices and newspaper cuttings that shed some light to me. I managed to find this store at an un-noticeable corner of the coffeeshop.

    Mary corner sell quite a few items but their 'tau kwa' seems to be the most popular item of all. As such, we decided to order their 'tau kwa'. Afraid that its portion may not be filling enough, we also ordered a bowl of laksa. The total cost of a plate of 'tau kwa' and a bowl of laksa is 8 bucks. A pretty acceptable pricing, i can say.

    One plate of their 'tau kwa' hold two big pieces of bean curd. On top of this deeply fried bean curd were sprinkled with some bits of ingredients. From what i can see, these ingredients consist of boiled egg, cucumber and some form of crispy cracker. To top it off, theses 'tau kwa' were drizzled with some special sauce. The overall 'tau kwa' tasted pretty average, but i do like the big portion of the bean curd and the chopped ingredients. Also, if they managed to make the whole dish slightly warmer, it will definitely taste nicer. ;)

    Their chilli is also worth abit of mentioning as i find it’s to be rather special. Their chilli is a special blend, besides the chilli sauce, they have also added in the green chopped chillies. It does not taste like the normal chilli sauce as it appears to be rather watery. Also, it does not have an extremely spicy taste. In fact, i can actually taste some sweetness in them. However, if you would like to have an additional spicy shot, you can taste the green chopped chilli provided in their bowl of chilli.

    As for their laksa, it’s pretty normal. Their laksa is normal, in the sense that it does not have any extraordinary ingredients. Only the normal ingredients such as prawns and 'tau pok' are seen. Personally, find that their laksa gravy is bit too watery for my liking. I would definitely prefer a thicker version of the gravy. A point worth mentioning for their laksa is the substantial amount of prawns. One would be able to find at least 4 prawns in a single bowl of laksa. Believe that this is the most number of prawns that i have eaten in a normal bowl of laksa.

    If you are sick of the normal plain fried ‘tau kwa’, you may wish to try out Mary corner famous ‘tau kwa’.

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