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The Furniture Mall, 7500D Beach Road
#03-27/28 The Plaza, Singapore 199594
Shopping » Home & Decors

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  1. Michiko
     06 Aug 2010 at 2:41 pm

    I read with interest at Reno's review because a similar incident is happening to me now with the same guy, Joe - who's the owner.

    I bought 2 matresses from Joe on the basis that it was the same specifications with what my friend had bought a year ago. It was a quick sale for him bec I didn't need to try, having tested the mattress out at my friend's place. He asked for upfront full payment and I didn't think twice about it bec I trusted him since he was recommended by my friend, who accompanied me there.

    Everything seemed smooth sailing bec as Reno described him...Joe was very slick, very assuring, confident and everything was 'no problem', he remembered what the specifications (specs) were etc so I had no reason to question him bec what would I know about technical specs?

    When delivery was due, that's when ALL the problems started. Only 1 mattress was delivered and it was the not the same specs! When we tried calling him, he never pick up nor return his missed calls. When we finally reached him, he came up with some **** and bull story that it's the same specs just that there's less memory foam and the one that I wanted was no longer manufactured. I was thinking why didn't he tell me that when I made my purchasing decision? He asked me to try it first and if I don't like it, he can arrange for an exchange. Next, he explained that the other mattress was late bec of some internal communication lapse. When the 2nd mattress was delivered, he missed the appointed time inspite of me telling him that I was asking a relative to help me receive the bed on my behalf and cannot be there for a window period of 3 hours. And you would think that since it's svc recovery, he would be more concientious about meeting specific requests. But no....

    Now back to the mattress. I didn't like the new mattress bec of the difference in specs. So again a whole slew of missed calls, promises etc. When I followed up with him on his promise to exchange for another mattress, he now denies everything. Well after some heated exchange, he said he will deliver the new mattress tomorrow. I've a strong feeling he's going to dishonour his promise.

    Joe is an ex-lawyer. Whether he passed his Bar exam is dubious but my take is, don't trust the man and never ever pay the full amount. Now I don't seem to have a recourse and his written specs on the invoice can be used against me.

    If he doesn't honour his word, I'll write to small claims tribunal and CASE. Can anybody recommend me who else I can write to?

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    1. Reno
       28 Mar 2007 at 1:06 am

      I visited the shop in Jan and was very indecisive of the purchase. The owner was very sincere and provide very good explanation for the product. In the end, I was convinced by him and purchased a Super Single bed with mattress with the understanding I can exchange it for a queen size bed for an additional surcharge.

      A week before the delivery, I decided to change to queen size and start calling the seller at the show room and the mobile. No one picked up the phone for the few calls in 3 days. I decided to send a 'complaint' SMS to the mobile number and surprised to receive a return call almost immediately. I was not angry at all after the explanation since it was a very busy period for the retailer.

      After stating my intention of goods exchange, the seller replied courteously 'No problem at all' and will let me know the amount to top up and the delivery date. I thought it was a fantastic guy with such a good attitude.

      One day before the delivery, a girl called me to confirm the delivery time and I was shocked to learn that she didn't know anything about the exchange of item. Soon, the person whom I spoke to called and deny the exchange arrangement. This time, his attitude is totally different. His reasoning was also unacceptable from the customer's point of view.

      I suggested he cool down and think over it before turning a customer down and ended our heated conversation.

      Surprisingly, he honoured the goods exchange and of course, I paid for the different.

      I am quite happy to see that he made a right decision in the very last minute and turned an almost unhappy customer into a happy customer. I hope with this experience, he can continue to serve the customers well and grow his company.

      I think everybody makes mistake but not everybody can correct the mistake. For this, I will still rate his service above average.

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      1. tancherry09
        tancherry09 said:
        aiyo, seems like u met quite a few problem shopping for ur stuffs from all the reviews you input.
        14 Sep 2008 at 2:00 am
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