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181 Orchard Road
#B2-01/03 Orchard Central
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6238-9028
Restaurants » Greek & Mediterranean
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Marche style restaurant serving Mediteranean cuisines.

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  1. thinkefy
     04 Mar 2014 at 10:29 am
       Medz - Restaurants   Medz - Restaurants   Medz - Restaurants   Medz - Restaurants   Medz - Restaurants

    Way down the escalator to the usually quiet basement of orchard central, some might already forgotten this mall actually existed as its good days are much glamoured over by the neighbouring spanking new malls that offer much more pleasant distraction.

    The entrance is pretty much by the escalator and it kinda reminded me of Marche except that there is no cows with awkward patches, rather beautiful Mediterranean multicoloured mosiac handiworks such as lamps and table top trinkets. We were given a card each and lead to the large dining areas with food counters everywhere.

    The concept is great, grab the seat of your choice, for some a quiet corner and for some a loud table for noisy gatherings, well we chose one near the exit where it is cushioned and boothed so that while we share quiet secrets or crack mindless jokes, nobody can catch us.

    We did a brief walk and discovered many interesting dishes we could try. Salad was a hip it yourself thing and charged according to bowl size (normal or large), soup comes with a choice of a bread and the ever comfort food rosti is also available, panfried on the spot. The interesting food besides the regular meat roast and stirred fried would be the greek and the turkey cuisines. Ranging from pizza, curry puff lookalike calzones and sandwiches to turk specialities like grilled lamb, chicken, beef with a pita bread and fancy sauces. We enjoyed the choices of food and not to forget the very exquisite choice of beers available. More than 100 type of imported bottled beer for you to choose from and during happy hour, you get a 1 for 1 deal which is pretty affordable.

    We ordered some dishes and we enjoyed them pretty much: 1) Rosti with sausage - Its regular comfort dish, rosti crispy and not too oily.

    2) Seafood Pesto Spaghetti - Is mildly tasting with loads of pesto and 3 beautiful prawn fairly large grilled to perfection.

    3) Chicken Pesto Calzone -Nicely baked, skin is puffy and light while the chicken pesto filling generous and quite yummy i must say.

    4) Tapas - One of our favourite had got calamari, prawns and roast pork which goes superbly well with beer. The tapas is extremely delicious and the portion is good to share. Not huge but with a good mix of variety

    5) Grilled lamb with pita - Meat is juicy and flavorful, very well done however we had to wait a good 10 mins before it is ready. Very well executed and the pita bread is fluffy but not floury.

    Overall experience was good, staff was friendly though on a mid week evening, the restaurant is only about 30% full and the service staff few. They were extremely friendly always with a smile on their faces and quick to clear our dishes. Helpful but not bossy.

    Location: 3/5, Food Variety: 4/5, Yumminess: 4/5, Price Worthy: 4/5, Ambiance: 4/5

    Will I return : Of course yes

    Will I bring my friends: FOR SURE!

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. hburn10
       30 May 2011 at 10:55 am
         Medz - Restaurants   Medz - Restaurants   Medz - Restaurants   Medz - Restaurants   Medz - Restaurants

      Medz had a string of aggressive advertising everywhere and that probably explains the crowd at the basement of the usually relatively deserted Orchard Central.

      I was lured there by their shout-out of 1-for-1 beer, wine, champagne all day, 11am-11pm *(until. June 2011). Plus a 25% off total bill using DBS cards (until Aug 2011).

      I didn't expect it to be a marche style kind of place actually, and it turned out to be a nice option to the real Marche which I always thought was overpriced. Their stalls serves mostly Mediterranean stuff: spanish, the ever popular rosti, spanish, italian rotisserie and grill. They also have a separate bar area and a huge showcase of the variety of drinks they serve. The crowd I saw was more a students and families crowd; nice and vibrant.

      They also have this system of issuing a buzzer thingy which you get when you get your ordered keyed in, and you pick up your food when your buzzer sounds. This save the hassle of loitering around the stall while waiting for your orders.

      Chicken pancake ($6) - This is actually a wrap (there's also a choice of beef). It comes with a very mini portion of salad but with a nice tangy dressing. The wrap itself was a tad thick and tough but the chicken was tender and nicely marinated without the confusion of too ingredients. Makes a nice light meal. Rosti with parma ham ($4 and extra $2 for parma ham) - the portion is far more generous than marche and also a much thicker one. The top of it are crispy brown although I wish it was less moist. But the parma ham was incredulously small for the $2 we paid for and we gave feedback to the floor manager about this although they admitted that it was supposed to be like that. We know that parma ham is expensive but still, it could have been better presented.

      James Boag's Premium Lager ($12) - Decided this amongst their huge list of beer and it came out crisp and indeed very light, good! They also give you chilled glasses which came as a nice surprise as not even proper restaurants do that sometimes.

      There's also plenty of sauces / dips to choose from at the different stalls: Dijon mustard, english mustard, pesto, chilli, ketchup, and other stuff I didn't try.

      I would like to particularly commend Emman for his outstanding service, which made our first visit memorable. He is all smiles and always efficient, friendly and still polite to a fault. He runs around quite a bit but takes time to recommend the drinks promotion to other tables, takes our orders for our beer and serving it to us, and obliges to request to take photos. He is a gem for his top-notch service and attitude in this (sometimes very) glum service industry.

      Fantastic promotion with great prices and relatively nice food to boot; I'll surely come back! Doesn't feel as cramped as Marche too :D

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      Rating given:4 stars
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