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    » 3 Reviews for “Mel’s Curiosity Shoppe ” - Shopping (Online)

  1. purehedonism
     26 Aug 2009 at 8:55 am

    Hello! I started out with necklaces and a few simple earrings, and my jewellery repertoire now includes rings, bracelets and book thongs! I love coming up with new designs and finding new ways to make wearable art. I'm pretty much inspired by everything around me, especially Literature, and a great part of that is a reactionary impulse to my career - creativity emerging from stress and just a little chaos.

    I use primarily Swarovski crystals, semi-precious gemstones, polymer clay, pewter and other metal beads, cameos, and lots and lots of wirework. Customisations are available as well - I have a humongous stash of beading materials because I'm a compulsive bead buyer, so please do ask!

    So if you're looking for something whimsical, eclectic and different, pop by my site and you might take one (or two, or three) creations home with you!

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    1. theredjewel
       19 Jul 2008 at 6:06 pm

      I have to say that mel's curiosity shoppe has excellent photos but on closer inspection, the jewellery seems rather average. Mostly, set pieces which spruce up the overall design of each jewellery is used which adds a bit of unique-ness to it but after a while the novelty of set pieces wear off and creativity is needed to ensure fresh and dynamic jewellery ideas in store. Otherwise, an excellent shop!

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. vtay
         16 Jul 2008 at 5:35 pm
           Mel   Mel   Mel   Mel   Mel

        Very interesting online store!

        The main products are the Curious Curios charm jewellery, consisting of necklaces, rings and earrings.

        There are also clutches that are specially and lovingly handsewn by Mel, the owner of the Curiosity Shoppe. She prides herself of extremely stringent quality control for her clutches, so much so that she's start from scratch if she's dissatisfied with any aspect of a clutch! Imagine the cost and efforts involved in that... it totally makes her clutches worth paying for!

        There are also charms for DIY accessories available for sale on the site.

        Not only does Mel make trinklets, she also makes the trees for you to hang you trinklets and keep them tidy! So basically, you'll have to look no further than this store because she kinda "thinks ahead" for you and makes what you need.

        The highlight, however, i think should be her Curious Curios charm jewellery!

        I've purchased rather many pieces of accessories from her (i think adding everything up, should have hit at least 10 pieces!) and i can assure you that the quality of her accessories is nothing short of awesome. I'm not kidding!

        I especially love her necklaces! There are many different series and each have their uniqueness. Not much wire work in place, but the way the chains and charms all come together nicely to form something so awesome is just worthy of commending! Some pieces are nice and simple, others are more complex in design, but all are visually enticing!

        Every necklace also comes with a different poetry or a short paragraph or some sort of short story that's uniquely written by Mel herself. It adds a very artistic feel to everything. She also takes it to another level by using charms that are quite out of the ordinary. Why do i say so? Because many other accessory-makers aren't willing to take the risk to experiment with those "weird looking" charms, but Mel essentially captures the whole spirit of the charm and really glorifies it to its fullest potential.

        If I'm not mistaken, she uses gold-plated/non-tarnish chains and its really true. They really don't tarnish! Many other accessories have caused me to have itchy allergy reactions after wearing them for sometimes, especially if i perspire since i have horribly sensitive skin, but nothing ever seems to happen when i her accessories. I am really amazed and i can't help but keep going back for more!

        Then there are the nice, simple and catchy word-necklaces that every youth is crazy over because one word says it all! Teenagers, especially, would digg those necklaces.

        There are also pieces which make use of semi-precious stones and those would probably appeal more to slightly more matured ladies! Very elegant and classy pieces.

        Recently, one of the well-loved necklaces (meaning i like it so much that i wear it very frequently) snapped and i immediately contacted Mel about it. She responded very promptly and offered to fix it at no charge! She is very friendly, easy-going and very helpful. Great after-sales service.

        I'm a really satisfied customer of Mel's Curiosity Shoppe and you should totally check it out if you can!

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        1. ladyironchef
          ladyironchef said:
          i like yr reviews on the blog shops although i don't buy them. Much more details than some others who jus write two or three lines. haha
          17 Jul 2008 at 1:05 am
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