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81 Clemenceau Avenue
#03-15/16 UE Square
Telephone: (65) 6737-3353
Restaurants » Japanese, Buffet
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Japanese buffet restaurant started by former owners of Hanabi

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  1. hburn10
     02 Aug 2011 at 10:22 am
       Minori - Restaurants   Minori - Restaurants   Minori - Restaurants   Minori - Restaurants   Minori - Restaurants

    I was a little hesitant to try after reading the reviews but I went ahead anyway and I am glad I did. The place was already packed at 7pm on a Saturday night, and we were settled in quite quickly in our seats.

    The order system is a DIY system where the menu is categorized under 4 different order sheets. You tick the items and indicate the quantity you want and pass it to the staff to process.

    But I realized the problem is then sometime you lose track of the items ordered and you dont know even if they dont arrive. Like my pizza which took 2hours before it finally was plonked onto my table. And be prepared to wait as the food takes its own sweet time to arrive even when the place is only half full. It seemed like they wait for a few orders of the same thing to come in and cook it in batches.

    The food was not so bad for me. What I had:

    - Sashimi

    - chawamushi

    - endamame

    - one mouth crab (tiny deep fried crabs)

    - tempura

    - garlic fried rice

    - spaghetti

    - grilled mushrooms, ginko nuts, lady fingers

    - jap fish cake

    - grilled chicken

    - miso soup

    - chilled soba

    - chicken pieces in wasabi mayo

    Amongst many. All were not too bad for me, and with the $33 per pax for dinner, it is quite a good deal for me. Plus they have this amazing Yuzu sake at $40 per bottle - terribly addictive when very chilled. They also serve their food in teeny weeny portions, good for small eaters.

    I'd probably return but not in the near future as their menu pretty much remains the same. Plus slow service annoys me too. Lets see.

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    1. wpchuals
       06 Mar 2011 at 1:12 pm

      I was at Shin Minori on 27/2/2011 to celebrate my birthday with my wife and son.

      Restaurant was pretty full as it was dinner time at about 7pm. We started to order via different sheet of paper which categorized the food into four different categories. The orders of about 15 dishes were taken by the waiter who passes it to another waitress at the counter for keying in into their "online" order system. Shashimi arrived within first 20 mins of the order. After 2 hours, less that 50% of the food was served. Some of the orders were lost or went missing or went to another table. We questioned them and they told us that it was coming.

      Services have dropped and the waiter and waitress were not attentive at all.

      And that was one particular incident which i can't forgot. I ordered 3 garlic fried rice. One came. The second one came 25 mins later. When I questioned the waiter on the 3rd bowl, he told me that one bowl consist of 2 servings??!! WTH is this? Do you think we should pay the full price?

      Not only we were affected. Diners from other tables were also facing the same problem. Some diners left in dismay and disappointed. Another group of diners, who were also celebrating a birthday approach the waitress to tell her that they are only prepared to pay 50% of the cost as less that 50% of the food arrived. I told the waitress the same thing as well as I am facing the same problem. Goodness, such things can happen to a well known Japanese restaurant. I only found out later that the management of the restaurant had changed.

      Calling all diners out there. Please consider before you come to this restaurant.

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      1. wpchuals
        wpchuals said:
        Please read a series of bad reviews at Hungry Go Where
        06 Mar 2011 at 1:13 pm
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    2. Nemesis
       29 Dec 2008 at 10:36 pm

      Was told by my colleague that this places serves relatively good ala cart buffet at reasonable prices, coupled with good spread of sushi sashimi. Therefore decided to pay a vist on Xmas day itself. The place was quite decorated and the seats were quite well spread out.

      My gf and I orderd a lot of stuff such as Sashimi Moriwase, California maki,Kabocha korokke(pumpkin croquette), Moyashi itame (teppanyaki beansprouts), Fukahire chawanmushi and Pumpkin chawanmushi, Tori karaage, Gyuniku shogatayaki (beef with special sauce), Nankotsu karaage (chicken cartilage), Sunagimo Shio (Chicken Gizzard), Ika Karaage (Baby Cuttlefish), Unagi Kebayaki.

      I msut say that the quality of the food is definitely much better than that of Hanabi's. In addition, the spread of food is also much more in variety. The few nicer ones i like especially are Pumpkin chawanmushi, Nankotsu karaage Sunagimo Shio and of course the main dish, the Sashimi Moriwase. As for the price wise, its not much diifferent than that of Hanabi or Honjin. Therefore, I think that in future, this will likely be my 1st choice for nice Japanese ala-carte buffet. (till I find a next better one that is. haha)

      Only one small disappointing is the slighly sluggish service of the waiters and waitresses. I requested for a cup and it took me three times asking 3 different people b4 I got what i want.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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