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5 Purvis Street #01-04
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: 6339-4803
Restaurants » American, Desserts , Deli & Cafe
Photos of Miss Clarity Cafe (Purvis Street) - RestaurantsPhotos of Miss Clarity Cafe (Purvis Street) - RestaurantsPhotos of Miss Clarity Cafe (Purvis Street) - RestaurantsPhotos of Miss Clarity Cafe (Purvis Street) - RestaurantsPhotos of Miss Clarity Cafe (Purvis Street) - Restaurants

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    » 21 Reviews for “Miss Clarity Cafe (Purvis Street) ” - Restaurants

  1. Pearl Soh
     20 Jul 2007 at 3:46 pm

    Miss Clarity Cafe is a cafe which is nice designed and have a good ambience.

    The owner(i never asked her of her name) i think is a good person to approach for business. She somehow shares a mind with teenagers(aspecially ladys to patronise the cafe.

    Her design of the cafe is superb. This little cafe too provides home delivery.

    Their food is indeed superb.I went to try the Creamy Soft Shell Crab Linguine($11.80) and the Regular Chocolate Fondue with my group of friends($10.80) and indeed it was really worth the price.

    I heard that now they are going to add Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream to their menu and provide a menu to catering and functions.

    This cafe is a really must try and when you are feeling down,stepping into the cafe will brighten up your days!

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. natsu
       04 Jun 2007 at 11:12 pm

      I never heard about this Miss Clarity Cafe before. Its at Purvis Street. A friend recommended and we went there to have dinner *** supper after an outing.

      They serve western and some local favourites. We were lucky to get a table at that late hour coz the cafe was actually quite pack.

      My friends ordered Potato Munchskin & Chix Salad. As for me & My Dear, we ordered set dinner. My Dear who dun like Vegetables, surprised me by finishing the salad!

      My main dish was Stew Chix with pasta. Actually that’s not my first choice, coz all priority choices were sold out. Frankly speaking, this dish is so-so. Very home-cooked feel. Which means, my mum can cook too. Very suitable for those who missed home-cooked food. The chicken seems to be cooked with out defrosting it. Tough & dry.

      My Dear’s main dish was this fried chix bake rice. Eh… also so-so only.

      I wanna mentioned My Frienc’s main dish - Lobster linguine. Why? Coz they use the wrong pasta. Linguine was too soft for this dish. Too much of it will make pple feel ’sick’. If its spaghetti (swop with my pasta) then it might be better.

      Haaa… mostly seems to be bad comments about the food. :p But for the price, its reasonable, juz that I am a bit picky. :p

      I like the soup, salad and ICE CREAM…. Haaa… not their main dish. Maybe becoz all these are not their ‘direct’ product. :p

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      Rating given:3 stars
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      1. tinkerbell
         29 Apr 2007 at 2:23 am

        Miss Clarity Cafe.."where happy people meet".

        Stepping into the cafe, what meets your eyes are colourful walls and characters (in the day) and still colours, yet with a tinge of ambience with candles on every tables at night.

        With it's bubbly characters and happy themed interior decor, Miss Clarity Cafe definitely lives up to the image that it aims to portray. =)

        There is quite a wide range of courses to choose from it's perky and colourful menu. Range of dishes are deliciously ranged from Bacon Aglio Olio to Slipper Lobster pasta. Furthermore, its pricings are reasonable. Together with good service attitutes, what more can u ask for?

        It's definitely a cosy place for a get together with your girl-friends, a place for couples to dine at night with the nice ambience, or just a relaxing dinner with your group of buddies.

        Just a note: the queues do get a little long during the night. Be prepared to wait if u want to get in this fun and colourful world of Miss Clarity Cafe! =)


        [edited - 19th August]

        Went to eat at Miss Clarity Cafe again yesterday, and..really, it's getting increasingly difficult to get a place there for dinner.

        When we reached the cafe at 6pm yesterday, the whole place looked empty. Yet, we were told by the waiter that those tables were booked! That's like.. 3/4 of the cafe booked! Wow. People have resorted to reserving seats now, instead of queuing up outside the cafe. Hmm.

        However, he added that we could have a table if we were able to leave by 7pm. So yup, we agreed and had a quick dinner there.

        My friend and I shared one of their main courses, "Old Macdonalds Had A Farm", which included lamb chop, chicken chop, steak, pork chop, bacon slice, ham, sausage and potato wedges. Well..I do agree that the whole farm seemed to have been included in the dish. Yet..the meat served were not up to standard.

        The steak was a little too raw for me, and the rest of the meat were really tough, except for the chicken chop. And frankly speaking, though the waitress claimed that the dish would feed two people, I think she missed out the fact that it wouldn't feed two HUNGRY people.

        Thank goodness I wasn't very hungry then. Or else..

        Anyway, my other two friends had their main courses: "Fish Cordon Bleu" and "Garlic Crusted Dory", and according to them, it was not bad. Ah..I still preferred the "Chicken Cordon Bleu" that I had the previous time. Hmm.

        Anyhow, I still think that it's a cosy and nice place for a get-together at Miss Clarity Cafe. The staff were friendly and polite too. Just that..for now, you'll probably have to get smart, be quick and make reservations early or something, if you want to get a place there for dinner.

        If not...either you'll be left standing/queuing outside, or left with the choice of re-selecting your dining place for the night.

        So remember: Get smart, plan and be quick! :)

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        Rating given:4 stars
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        Comments on this review:
        1. Jeslyn Tee
          Jeslyn Tee said:
          O~ I would like to try the "Garlic Crusted Dory" sounds nice
          29 Apr 2008 at 11:37 pm
        2. robert_rs
          robert_rs said:
          garlic crusted dory is good
          02 Jun 2008 at 1:40 pm
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