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Blk 531A Upper Cross Street #01-71
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Telephone: (65) 9099-5699
Food and Beverages » Coffee & Tea
Eating Places » Hawker Centres
Photos of Odin’s Cafe (Hong Lim Food Centre) - Food & Beverages

Super Cool Drink store at level 1 of Hong Lim Market and Food Centre serving everyday basic drinks such as coffee, tea, milo as well as super cool drinks like ice lime honey and basic snacks. Look out for the periodical specialities drinks and snacks.

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     28 May 2012 at 3:46 pm

    It is true... If you are being asked the third time, you are most likely to succumb into buying. Being a true singaporean chinese, I cannot but agree to try their drinks and boy.. i regretted not buying at the first "Would you like to try our drinks?" months ago!

    Odin is a pretty unique stall in the Hawker Centre setting, situated next to my favourite BAK KUT TEH store, I always looked upon it as TOO CLEAN and ATTAS. The very chic setting with its super retro COCA COLA Chiller, boxes and boxes of TWINNINGs tea bags, Jars and Jars of Honey and premium dried tea making flowers, bags of mush-mellows... and friendly and gentle stall owners simply does not go along with the noisy hawker setting... I should say.. its like a twinkling star on a very dark night. However, I was touched by their passion and sincerity. Yes we can feel passion by just looking at the stall, it is kept extremely neat and clean with clear logos of Odin's cafe on drinking cups, takeaway cups, snack bags, labels and yes.. even matching t-shirts. Sincerity..... comes from the look of their eyes.... and their service.. Always keeping conversation light hearted, fast, efficient and not-pushy yet provides you clean takaways... so you can walk away in style...

    Yes.. I've come across services that feels like: GIVE ME YOUR MONEY and TAKE THE STUFF.. Or the half past six kind of... sticky drink bags, or sauce stained plastic bags with soup about to burst the bag kinda thing... Its hawker... and its Singapore... don't expect service.. its SELF SERVICE.....

    So much rattling for everything else but the drinks in actual.. Actually I only bought an Ice Honey Lime to takaway.. and I was impressed... because I could actually taste the Honey in the ICE HONEY LIME.. usually... i get more of ice and lime.... and sometimes it gets pretty lame.... The Honey is of pretty decent quality and the drink is just right... Matter of fact I was so surprised with the quality of the drink i am getting... I've decided to write this review the first thing i reach the office. If this S$1.80 maxi cup of ICE HONEY LIME is good... I believe the other things will be just as good...

    While I sip mine ICE HONEY LIME which does not really dilute with the melting ice, I'll watch this review for other yummy stuffs from the Odin's Cafe. If you are nearby or a passerby, do drop by.... its cheaper then the premium bubble teas for sure..... and we should support our own local singapore businesses.

    For the great service, passion and courageous vision.... I will rate them 5 stars There is indeed hope for the Singapore Service Industry...

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