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2 Jurong East Street 21
#02-01/07 IMM Building
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6569-8469
Beauty and Wellness » Fitness
Photos of Osim (Best Denki Imm) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of Osim (Best Denki Imm) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of Osim (Best Denki Imm) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of Osim (Best Denki Imm) - Beauty and Wellness

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  1. Muffy
     27 Feb 2015 at 5:55 pm
       Osim (Best Denki Imm) - Beauty and Wellness   Osim (Best Denki Imm) - Beauty and Wellness   Osim (Best Denki Imm) - Beauty and Wellness   Osim (Best Denki Imm) - Beauty and Wellness

    We are always attracted by new products launched from OSIM but unfortunately not their price. It may be affordable if you spread the payment by 24 or 36 instalments, thus it looks cheaper and within the budget provided there is a need to use that product.

    Usqueez Air was one of the new items that we saw at Best Denki last week. Although we are sceptical on the effectiveness, nevertheless, the staff encouraged us to try without any obligations. My elderly aunt volunteered because she has been complaining about sore calves and tired feet.

    Basically, it is a leg massager but uses air bags to pressurise the calves and feet. With in-built bottom rollers, it massages the reflex points of the soles similar to foot reflexology. There are 5 programs that you could choose to target specific areas from the calves to feet especially one unique option for ladies wearing high heel shoes.

    As the staff explained the usage, my aunt kept nodding her head in agreement as she gave her feedback. The whole demo lasted about half an hour and we thanked the staff for her explanation as we are not prepared to buy yet. We have two issues, mainly hygiene as anybody using it may spread germs or bacteria to one another. Secondly, not so suitable for males who have bigger feet size as it felt tight because we are unable to move our toes at all.

    After walking away, my aunt told us that she felt good as her legs are no longer aching and in fact, she felt more energized. We may consider buying it later hopefully when there are freebies thrown in for every purchase.

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    1. Helmet
      Helmet said:
      I bought it and dont find it useful. I can't move my leg and at certain point it can be very painful. The air pressure is not tight at all.
      04 Mar 2015 at 11:18 am
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