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4 Tampines Central 5 B1-k19/27 Tampines Mall
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Telephone: (65) 6781-2162
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  1. $money$
     29 Nov 2009 at 3:35 pm

    My friend got one of their rebate vouchers where we had to spend $100 before we can use the voucher of $20. So we decide to go and try, hoping that maybe can make use of the voucher. But in the end, we only spend $70 for 5 person, so the voucher was not used. And this time, we got another $70 worth of rebate voucher, in denominations of $10 (i.e. spend $50 the next time and we could use one voucher of $10). If only they had given the $10 denominations during my friend’s first visit!!

    We order the $6 noodles to share: Pu Tien Lor Mee, Fried Hing Hwa Bee Hoon, Fried Rice Cake. We also order the Steamed Cold Pork Belly with Garlic (and we thought it was nice, without much strong taste of garlic), Spinach with Salted Egg and Century Egg in Supreme Stock (the salted egg with the stock made this a not very salty but very good tasty wet dish to go with rice…..), Deep Fried Duck with Yam (we can’t feel much duck taste, but with the duck as fillings, it reduce the sickness that some people can feel from eating a whole mouthful of yam paste).

    The 6 dishes was more than enough for us 5 ladies, and we couldn’t take any dessert. But of course, the non-attractiveness of the dessert also kind of stop us from ordering. At least not attractive to 5 young ladies.

    For the service, initially acceptable, until we ask for the bill and we had to call twice before finally the bill came. They took so long and could only explain that because they had a long queue. I just don’t understand why, since our orders are already in the system and they just need to generate the bill and swipe my card. I bet it is because they need to issue the rebate vouchers which probably need someone to verify.

    In case you want buffet, they have the 3pm to 5pm buffet too. But going by the menu (no seafood) and comparing to our price above, I think you wouldn’t get too much cheaper if you are not a big eater. It still works to $67 for 5 pax non-weekend buffet.

    One thing to note for Pu Tien, if you want water instead of tea, it is still chargeable (free-flow). Unless you pay for the tea (free-flow), then you will get water FOC too.

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    1. Lucardia
       10 Apr 2009 at 9:37 am
         Pu Tien -    Pu Tien -    Pu Tien -    Pu Tien -    Pu Tien -

      Putien is named after a certain Chinese Province in China which reflects bountiful harvest and abundance of nature. The reason for this namesake is to reflect the simplicity and sincerity of Putien cuisine which is simple yet rich in flavor. Currently, Pu Tien group of restaurants has already expanded to 4 outlets in Singapore and one in Jakarta Indonesia. Question is, Chinese restaurants are a dime a dozen, does this succeed in setting itself apart?

      The Tampines Mall outlet occupies a sizable amount of space in separate units. One is along the corner and features big round tables with modernized feel while the other unit resembles an open food court concept with a counter as the service area. Both areas are reasonably spacious which is a plus for me.

      Bamboo Herbal Prawn ($3.80 for 2 prawns) - The prawns were of a decent size and literally seemed to pop out of the bamboo after you. The soup consisted of a strong herbal taste and was a little salty but otherwise light and enjoyable. The prawns, though looks good, is hit or miss in freshness as out of 4 prawns, 2 were scrumptious, crunchy and fresh while the other 2 were beginning to get powdery. Overall, if they could keep the consistency of freshness, this is a pretty good order.

      Pu Tien Lor Mee ($6) - I'd describe this as interesting and pretty good. I like the generous portion size and the pork and vegetables that came in it. The broth is starchy like its black counterpart but at the same time, less overwhelming in the taste department. The noodles were also springy and soft which makes this well worth the investment.

      Xing Hua Stir Fried Bee Hoon ($6) - The bee hoon came with lots of ingredients as well, clam, mushrooms, nuts, slices of pork and some vegetables all mixed into one package. The fact is, it was light and enjoyable. The only gripe is on the bee hoon being smashed. Its as though the bee hoon is made shorter on purpose.

      Shredded Meat with Bun ($5.60) - The meat actually looks lke wroms to me but rest assured it isn't. Its just stir fried pork that has been diced till its fine and string-like. It came with some lettuce and fried buns with sesame to good effect. The buns were hot and soft but oily. Couple that with the lettuce and pork which is a little salty and you get sinful combination thats hard to resist.

      Service: 5.5/10 Food: 6.5/10 Ambience: 5/10 Value for money: 7/10 Overall Score: 6.75/10 (not an average)

      Last Word: All in all, the food was decent with generous portions. Some came with fresh ingredients and some a little less in that respect. I can't say i did not enjoy the meal but service could be improved upon with a little more attentiveness from the waitresses. The thing that got me quite unhappy about was the supervisor whom we got her attention from, refused to take our orders and asked another waitress to do it despite there being only 3 customers including ourselves. She was more interested in walking around aimlessly and talking to her other colleagues which is rather unprofessional. Other then that, the food and value for money is on par and definitely worth a try at least.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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