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3B River Valley Road
#01-06 The Foundry, Clarke
Telephone: (65) 6398-0995
Restaurants » Greek & Mediterranean
Photos of Pyramisa - RestaurantsPhotos of Pyramisa - RestaurantsPhotos of Pyramisa - RestaurantsPhotos of Pyramisa - Restaurants
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    2. nadbe11e
       26 Dec 2008 at 11:32 am
         Pyramisa - Restaurants   Pyramisa - Restaurants   Pyramisa - Restaurants   Pyramisa - Restaurants

      Now since my photobucket is no longer a complete mess I can write my reviews. CG highlighted Pyramisa to me and I found it to be a really interesting place to dine @. The whole Egyptian theme and with belly dancing performances. I expected a dinner here to be very eventful which it definitely was('',)

      6 of us arrived promptly @ 730 and we went snap happy what with the unique decor and the hieroglyphics on the walls, nice lighting and the curtains hanging from the wall. We even spotted the belly dancers practicing in the bar area.

      Feeling hungry we ordered the

      Mix Hot & Cold Platter - $24 *Hummus* - Chick Pea Puree served with Pita Bread *Batata Salatis* - Potato Salad with Cumin and Black Olive *Laben* - Greek Hung Yogurt with Sliced Cucumber and Mint Leaves the three dips were okay but i found them a bit light *Sambousek* - Pastry Puff with Feta Cheese Stuffing Delicious. Eat it hot and the cheese is so yummy. crust is crispy and light *Merguez* - Lamb Sausage serves with Harissa *Chix Wings* - Chicken Wings Marinated with Harrisa and Arabic Spices

      Or so we thought. It came with two items that did not look @ all like a sausage or chicken wings. We enquired the wait staff abt it and aparantly they ran out of the Merguez so it was substituted with

      *Fattayer Sabanikh* - Spinach Samosa An okay dish. Nothing fantastic or out of the ordinary and *Falafel* - Deep Fried Chick Pea the chicken wings or should i say wing came rite after that.

      We then decided to order two sets of chicken wings for the group of us The chicken wings were goood. Adequately spiced and deep fried. It came with the harissa mayo which is intresting. CG tried it first and had a weird reaction to the taste(her facial expression said it all) but i found it refresing, slightly like a peppery mayonaise.

      Oh and i also ordered the *Fatouches* $8 - Fresh Chopped Salad with Black Pitted Olove and Pita Crouton Very refresing and i loved the pita croutons

      On to mains, the bulk of us ordered the *Dijaj Mashi* $25 (House Signature Dish) Pine Nut Pilaf Rice Wrapped with Oven Baked Chicken I had this and it was yummy!!!!the chicken was spiced just nice, tender and delish!!the pine nut pilaf rice was light, went well with their tomato like sauce. It was a good dish which I enjoyed

      Some ordered the *Meshawi* $36 Mix of Grilled Lamb, Chicken Cubes, Beef and Prawn I tried CG's lamb i think, and omg the fats was soooo good.(im gonna die unhealthy i know). It came with this chilli thingy which was sooo good.

      When we saw the beautiful plate of *Kreidess Bi Cosbara* $36 Grilled King Prawn with Cilantro on Harrisa Bed Pita that Gaz's wife ordered, our greed overtook us and 4 of us ordered one to share and that was ohlala fantastic, the prawns were juicy and oh so well spicy. think they used that harissa thingy to marinade it in. and it was served with pita bread which i liked too.

      You'd think we'd be too full for desserts right..Wrong. We just had to try out the *Baklawa* $8 Arabic Pastry filled with Nuts and Honey served with vanilla Ice Cream Remembering the Baklawa my dad would bring back from Australia and Egypt it was not the same. This seems more like pastry with the roughly chopped nuts and honey mixed and topped with pastry again when usually the honey would be absorbed by the pastry and it would be kind of moist yet crispy and sweet. This isnt as sweet as i expected and not as crispy too. And the ice cream was very much like a drink that u put inside the fridge to make "ice cream". It tasted different from vanilla ice cream. had a slite taste of spice in it. Interesting but not wow

      CG ordered the *Uma Ali* $9.50 Mother of Ali's Baked Bread Pudding now this was good. It was gooey and sweet yet had a cereal like texture. Abit like baby food but nicer. Sounds weird but I really did like this dessert.

      Arnd 10-ish i think, a lady(belly dancer) performed for us. It was a very entertaining 15 minutes and soon after that another belly dancer performed. If im not wrong she is Yelena from Columbia as I did get a chance to look @ the Poster they put up at the door promoting 4 foreign Belly Dancers from Russia, Japan, Vietnam and Columbia. Maybe they perform on different days. I found the dance quite cool and the young lady was pleasing to the eyes as well(my colleague was so disapointed he didnt tag along after seeing the pictures I took)

      Am not sure if I will return as I found the servings for appetizers quite small for such a price but I do admit their mains and the Uma Ali made up for it. Maybe I might come again at another time.

      But as for now the search for other exotic places to dine @ continues.

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