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31 Riverside Road
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Telephone: (65) 6368-8197
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  1. Abdul Rahman
     10 Dec 2013 at 10:57 am

    Last Sunday (8/12/2013), my sister booked for 04 for us to join them for dinner. We arrived at 7.45pm to 8:00pm. My family and I were shocked as most of the food are not replenish. Some trays were empty. We did not enjoy our dinner though my sister paid for the dinner. By 8:30pm, I went to have hot coffee but unfortunately no hot drinks available. My daughter spoke to one of the staffs to replenish but she just ignored with showing face. But I thinking my sister just pay for the price of 04 person but did not enjoy the food. I trold my sister that I refused to join them as this is not the first time I went to Sakura Admiralty. But becasue of fasmily bonding, I went to join them but full of disatisfaction. We waited and having the impression that they will top up but no sign of it. SWe left 9:20pm with full of disatisfaction and at last we went to Mac Donald to have and continue our food. I can be contacted by Hp 92712908.

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    1. Azure1984
       30 Oct 2009 at 9:50 am

      Lunch for today was settled at SAKURA International Buffet Restaurant at the Admiralty Park Branch. A pity that I did not bring my camera along, so there are no pictures to show for this entry. *oops* To give a rough review of the food in this restaurant buffet, I will be breaking down the entry into a few sections below:

      Japanese Sushi Section The sushi served are those cheap and average kind that you can get for $0.50 a piece on the market, so there is nothing great about them. For their raw fish section, I only tried their salmon and cheese oyster. For the salmon, the chef is either unskilled or it is not his day today. The salmon slices are so fat such that they are almost 5mm in thickness! In addition, the salmon slices are unevenly cut and I certainty don't enjoy myself eating them. For their cheese oyster, they attempted a weird combination of cheese with tomato pasta sauce. The oyster are neither soft nor freshly baked. After just trying 1 piece, I practically left this whole section alone for the rest of the meal.

      Grill Section All is not lost for this Sakura restaurant yet. I tried 2 dishes in this section, namely the grilled squid and the grilled unagi. The unagi seems to be the choice of everyone here as it always have quite a queue on the stand and the eaters are right. Freshly grilled, the unagi is soft and flavourful, and it keeps you highly addicted to the dish till you finish the whole slice of unagi up. However, I would not say the same of the grilled squid. It is still quite raw as the squid feels soft and rubbery when eaten. I certainly do not enjoyed myself eating a piece of rubber.

      Pizza Section Japanese with American pizzas? No....Give this section a skip! Save your stomach space!

      Hot Plate Section This is the first time that I have seen them setting up a hotplate section, so I decided to give the chicken teriyaki a try. Mixed with seasoning, onions and mushroom, this dish is not too good, but not too bad either. The chicken pieces after leaving them to sizzle on the hotplate came out quite tough, but they are still acceptable when eaten with all the side ingredients on the dish.

      Chinese dimsum Section Give this section a skip, they do not know how a proper siew mai should be made.

      Dessert Section This section is probably the saviour of the whole place. Their ice cream are simply fantastic! Try the coffee, orange, chocolate and mango flavor, you will simply love it. They have also set up a mochi mini section. The red bean flavor is not bad, but you can give the green tea and black sesame flavor a skip.

      Overall, quite a good time spent there chatting over a meal.

      Rate: 6/10

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