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93A Clementi Road
Clementi Woods
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6474-8197
Restaurants » Buffet, Seafood , Desserts , International

"To briefly entice you, appetizers include scallops, lobster salad, mussels, cold prawns and sashimi. The main entrees encompass an assortment of dim sum, Teppanyaki(Include lamb chop, salmon and beef, etc.), tempura and grilled items. A wide selection of mouth-watering sushi will also be prepared on the spot by the chefs for all consummate sushi fans. Last but not least, desserts such as cheesecakes, fruits, ice cream and beverages complete the buffet with a satisfying touch."

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    » 4 Reviews for “SAKURA International Buffet Restaurant (Clementi Woods) ” - Restaurants

  1. YY
     12 Mar 2010 at 6:05 pm

    It is located at an isolated area where you need to drive in to be able to see it. However, do not be mistaken that it is not popular or there will not be a crowd! It is always better to make an appointment first. The scenery is beautiful as there is a park nearby and you can look at it when dining.

    The old and dilapidated building may put you off at first when you first descend down the stairs. You also have to be careful when walking down the stairs. The toilet had the standard of those in hawker centre. Perhaps they should spend some of their profits on renovating to raise the comfort of the diner.

    However, the interior of the restaurant is different. It is air-conditioned and nicely decorated. Trays of food were place at the right of the room while tables were situated on the left. You will be able to see the scenery outside with it clear glass separating the area. Light music will be played to create a relaxing atmosphere.

    The foods that made this restaurant special were the soups and deserts. The soups which consist of shark fin’s soup and mushroom soup were tasty and satisfying. The deserts which includes small slice of cakes were delicious too. They have many types of cakes but usually made with chocolate. You can eat until you are sick of them.

    There are of course many other varieties of food too. They include Japanese, Asian Western and other different cuisine. For example, sushi, laksa, steak, spaghetti, siew mai, sausage, salmon, salad, fruits etc. They also have a drink and ice-cream station.

    My experience with Sakura is quite pleasant. Though I like the fact that the food that I like will remain available, the varieties of food available did not change much. Or maybe I am too picky and what they changed did not cater to my taste.

    Overall, this is not a bad place to have a family dinner for the first time. Go have a look and see whether it cater to your taste. Hope this help!

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. whiteblanko
       31 May 2009 at 11:02 pm

      i just read a few pages of this retail marketing book, and i've got to say that sakura has gotten it completely wrong.

      basically just to share (i find all this stuff super interesting) utility to a customer aka ME comprises of place, time, product and possession value.


      sakura is located in clementi woods park. pretty ulu unless you drive. parking lots are available opposite the restaurant. if cabbing, tell the taxi driver that it's beside the japanese primary school.

      toilets are gross.

      the buffet spread spans over 2 levels. this sounds impressive, but its tiring having to climb up and down to get your food.

      very cramped. looks a bit lc.


      27.80 per person for sun night dinner.

      i'll intro you to the entire buffet spread cos this is the kind of thing i like to do haha. didnt bother to take pictures cos i think the food will look better than it tastes in the pics.

      japanese sashimi is bad. salmon one is ok, but the rest look stale and taste even worse. sushi is reasonable (tried the unagi one)

      salad salad bar is interesting, i would say. i enjoyed my plate of crisp lettuce, seasoned seaweed, olives, corn and kidney beans. they have some stupid things which only makes them look lc. like chopped sausage salad, mixed veg (the frozen diced carrots, peas, corn kind) salad, cocktail salad (tinned fruit). but got boiled prawn, scallop so got a bit of redemption.

      (i call it the) economic rice section the thai style beancurd was hard but salvaged by the sweet sauce. eefu mee is fab. best i've ever had! stir fried black pepper beef is overly-tenderized. sharksfin soup--> STARCHfin soup. sweet&sour fish is bad. some other things like cabbage roll, nonya dishes, chilli prawn, thai fish cake, stir-fried broccoli, beancurd roll, etc were there but i didnt think they'd be of that great quality. my grandma's friend likes the sakura fried rice tho!

      fried oily grease section. potato wedges, curry puffs, breaded scallop, samosa, spring roll. yucks. didnt touch.

      dim sum. lor mai kai (looked good), siew mai, har gow (essentially siew mai with a prawn. soggy, but i like it soft, so ok for me), char siew sou in a pasar-malam style oven, char siew pau.

      local delights. kueh pie tee was good. kong bak pau (replaced with chicken), laksa (parents said it was weak), roast duck (ok only), hainanese chicken.

      bbq section. satay (chicken & mutton), mushroom fishcake, unagi, otah..cant rmb the rest. unagi sauce tasted diluted.

      grill station1 clams in bamboo (spicy), cream fish (no good), sambal sotong, spag bolo (not bad!), some oyster/mussel things..

      grill station 2 lamb chop (good), mango dory fillet (good), salmon fillet (a bit hard, but not bad), chicken chop (looks 'cartoonic'), beef.

      western section grilled cheese prawns (cheese tastes like it comes from a squeezy bottle), tobiko-mayo baked scallops (bad, had to choke it down), few flavors of pizza incl tuna, tamago, seafood and chicken ham tacos (unappetizing looking), cream of mushroom soup

      dessert station oreo cheesecake (no cheese taste), choc truffle (good), mint choc cake (weak choc cake, mint flavoring), strawberry choc cake (cough medicine taste, yucks.) mochi (advice: scoop out the cream inside and put in ice cream!!), durian puff (good!), durian pengat, waffles (not freshly made), small round blueberry pancake thing, jap-style dango (mochi balls on a stick), dorayaki, variety of fruits (watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, melon, orange, love the grapes), huge selection of ice cream

      drinks had a hot drinks dispenser which was quite cool (mocha, cappucinco, milo, teh tarik, green tea, etc). cool drinks incl soft drink station, blackcurrant drink, iced flavored teas


      they forgot my reservation. had to waste time haggling for a good seat. im sure this is not what time means, but they wasted my time which got me irritated.


      irrelevant here. but to make another 'no-link' statement, i got irritated on the stupid pegging system that i have to use to possess the food item i want. basically each table is given a few miserly clips, and you have to go to the counter and put a clip on the item you want.

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      Rating given:2 stars
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      1. hellojeffo
         18 Mar 2009 at 2:15 pm

        I frequent Sakura's Suki Sushi buffet outlet at Hougang, because I felt that it had the most value for money. Well, I don't think I can say the same for this 'Sakura International Buffet'.

        The cooked food selection was pretty good, with plenty of variety from a mix of chinese, malay and western food. Taste was not too bad as well.

        Then there's this other section where we could order food to be cooked. I didn't exactly enjoy this, as it was annoying to be only able to order a few sticks of scallops or seafood at one go. One clip on the flag will only get you two sticks of grilled scallops. You end up getting tired of repeating this chore.

        The steamed chicken and roast duck section disappointed me. The roast duck was pre-cut, and left in plates covered up, resulting in the loss of crispness in the skin. The steamed chicken also didn't taste very fresh. The laksa available also from this corner was not good tasting at all.

        The oven-grilled oysters with cheese toppings as well as grilled mussels are good though.

        I found it troublesome to climb up the stairs to get grilled food items like beef, lamb, chicken, fish, prawns and squid, and this section runs by the 'clip' system as well. Quite annoying, although they taste quite good.

        Also, the sashimi, sushi, and cakes/dessert is upstairs too. There were three sashimi variants, but all of them are VERY slowly replenished. As a result, they get snatched up by campers waiting for it. Sushi was soggy and not tasty at all.

        The dessert was quite okay, with a variety of mochi and cakes like cheese cake, brownies, and chocolate cakes. There was also konnyaku jelly (which was not 'bouncy' enough) and pudding. This section was decent enough.

        Overall, I found the place just satisfying, but didn't overly enjoy it. Price was only so-so, because it's not nett price, but comes with tax and service charge.

        Okay to go once in a while, but not exactly an awesome place. Though I like the ambience.. quite quiet during lunch time on weekdays.

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        Rating given:3 stars
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