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10 Bayfront Avenue
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Telephone: (65) 6688-8868
Eating Places » Food Courts
Photos of Rasapura Masters (Marina Bay Sands) - Eating Places

Operating hours: 24-hours Location: Canal Level (near the skating rink)

Rasapura Masters, home to a line-up of regional street food masters and stalls is operated by international award-winning chefs. With close to 960 seats, the 21,000 square foot foodcourt will play an important role in showcasing the ethnic flavors of Southeast Asia with mouth-watering favorites from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam round the clock.ward-winning chefs.

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  1. thinkefy
     15 Jan 2014 at 9:58 am
       Rasapura Masters (Marina Bay Sands) - Eating Places

    If you fancy international cuisine by which I mean specialities from different countries round the world in the setting of our famous food court, this is the place to go. I was pretty amazed by what I saw at this legendary food court at our iconic Marina bay sand shoppes. Situated right next to the ice skating ring, another interesting spot, many would watch their children skate while they enjoy some tantalizing cuisine.

    Out of the myriad stalls serving asian food and chinese food which is quite a normal scene in regular food courts, I spotted a Northern Indian store that sells kababs, naan and Nasi Briyani. While the later is common, Naan is a pretty hard to find and expensive piece of bread not to be found commonly here in Singapore. While i enquired on the Naan, I was told that it would not be sold until after 5 and was asked to go for the every yummy briyani. As i wanted something light, i walked on and came to this mexican stall that had wraps, pitas and cheesy nachos. The food looked so authentically made, the displays were what i used to see in the streets of mexico though without the large round hats. The generous guacamole and salsa dressed nachos caught my attention and I've decided to order one of those.

    While after payment was made, the friendly staff hipped on a pile of crispy nachos on a porcelain oval shallow bowl and started to dress the nachos with the various colourful condiments, salsa and lastly a generous blanket of cheese while it was put under this top toasting machine. You could practically see the nacho crisp and the cheese melt to coat it into a delicious mess.. Lastly a good dollop of guacamole and we are good to go. The nachos were tasty, though its a very rich dish, we enjoyed it tremendously.

    While I browse the other stalls, there were also italian food specializing in pizzas, pastas and everything else italian, as well as Mediterranean cuisines with their every so good seafood. I checked out their prices and some of the dishes other patrons ordered and though it is higher than normal food courts but the portion, setting and the ingredients used were of good quality. Its really like restaurant prices at the food court level, though I once again stress that it is more expensive than regular food courts that serve minced meat noodles, mixed veg rice, fish soups and everything local but nothing here is the regular.

    Sitting space were ample for big groups yet I can't find no quiet spots and its not so quiet which is good if you are hanging with a bunch of rowdy friends. Service was good with a smile mostly and the cleaners were 'SUPER ON!', extremely quick in clearing stuffs on the table, not just the empty coffee cup of my pal but also my half drank soya milk and half finished nachos. No asking if you need it rather take and go. I was about to ask her to return me my stuffs yet upon seeing her dirty rag, i changed my mind! Rather lose the food than having to make new acquaintances with the toilet seat.

    Location: 4/5 Ambience: 4/5 (casual and nice) Cleanliness: 4/5 (a little too excited in clearing the tables) Variety of Food: 4/5 (Great selections, matter of fact its pretty special) Price: 3.5/5 ( A little on the high side but still good and worth it)

    Will I return: YES

    Will I bring my friends: YES

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    Rating given:4 stars
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