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885 East Coast Road
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Telephone: 64452262
Restaurants » Deli & Cafe

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  1. Bobo
     19 Jun 2007 at 10:35 pm

    I went there some time back.

    The ambience was ok, pretty much like the other cafes. The pricing seems fine on the menu. (but did not seem so fine later).

    Firstly, after we ordered, I asked for plain water and the server nodded. After a while, no water came so I raised my hand to remind. It was only then the other server informed me that iced water was not served (FOC) at this cafe. I'm not angry that water is not served (many places don't.) but I'm pissed at being made to look like a cheapo who keeps asking for free water.

    Next the food that came looked ok. I took the ketuchup on the table and started to tilt it. Nothing came out. This was one of the situations where it's hard to get the sauce out from new bottles.... So we tried for a while but to no avail. SO we asked for another bottle after explaining the situation. The server gave us another one.... WITH THE SAME PROBLEM! I think it would have took just a little common sense to TEST first before handing the customer another stuck one! Then we raised the issue again and this time the server brought two bottles and he tried to pour for us... AND BOTH WERE STUCK! It was frustrating! The manager (or senior server) came to help and he just tried at our table.

    (The correct thing to do at this time was to use a chopstick to stir the sauce in the kitchen, pour it out on a saucer and serve the customer the dish of sauce.)

    Anyway finally we borrowed the sauce from the next table which seemed to have no trouble with theirs.

    Food not fantastic.

    Then we asked for the bill which took 10-15 minutes to come... and mind you, there were only 4 other tables occupied.

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    1. yummy
       19 Jun 2007 at 6:26 pm

      I Went there for my desert after dinner recently. I do not know about other outlet, but this outlet does not impress me at all. If you look at the food they served, it is somehow similar to Han's cafe or Swensen. I don't think it is much different in price too. But, it doesn't has the comfort of what Han's and Swensen have. There is nothing worth mentioning about the ambience. It is simply an air-conditioned, coffee shop like eating place with simple table and chairs. It is quite crowded but there is no excuse for them to take more than 20 mins to serve some ice scream and cakes. I obsered that the wait staffs are friendly, but they seems to be busy taking order and delivering food at the same time. When they are taking orders, they forget about your foods and we need to remind them a few times before we have our food served.

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