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1 Jelebu Road
Bukit Panjang Plaza, Unit: #01-56/57
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6877-2419
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional)
Photos of Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies) (Bukit Panjang Plaza) - Restaurants

Authentic Ipoh Delicacies

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    » 1 Review for “Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies) (Bukit Panjang Plaza) ” - Restaurants

  1. PuNiaoPuNiao
     21 Jun 2012 at 10:23 am
       Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies) (Bukit Panjang Plaza) - Restaurants

    This shop opened at Bukit Panjang Plaza a few months back and since I'm a great fan of Beef Hor Fun, not necessarily from Ipoh as long as they're good, I decided to give it a try.

    So I placed my order and the person who served me asked if I wanted chili in my Hor Fun, I said yes while my friend ordered something else but dry. It was a long and agonising wait for our food despite the place being quiet on a weekday early afternoon.

    And when the food finally arrived, my chili wasn't in the Hor Fun at all. So I asked the person who asked for my order why there isn't any chili in there despite me telling them I wanted it. Guess what the cashier did? She glared at me like I'm some sort of beggar begging for scraps, turned her face away while pointing to the nearby condiments kiosk and rudely told me "Chili over there, you help yourself, ok??

    And since my friend ordered as well and had soup to accompany her soup, I asked again why I don't have any soup at all.

    (No harm asking, but since she was already rude to me, might as well try and see if her attitude will change.)

    This time round, she just glared at me for half a minute before replying through clenched teeth that my friends order is dry noodle so she has soup. Mine is Hor Fun and since it's a "wet" dish, no soup comes with it. And then she just said "Hmmph" rather loudly and turned back to her station and I heard her mumbling under her breath about "stupid, lazy and greedy customer" and some other things that I couldn't hear properly.

    It was rather pathetic of their attitude and behavior. Although the saying goes that "Customers are King", I wasn't being nasty. In fact, I feel like I was way too polite as a customer while the staff are trying hard to be nasty and rude to me since me and my friend were the only customers in there and by having to serve us, she cannot chit chat or maybe flirt with the cook.

    The first few weeks when they opened, I saw the same girl who served me was nice to the customers who went to their shop. So, I do not know why her attitude and behavior underwent a 360 degree's transformation after their shop has been there for a few months already.

    Please, please, please do avoid this shop whether they are busy or not. Since I get cr@p attitude and lousy service, I don't see why there is a need to patronize such a shop anymore. It's a big disappointment to have tried this shop and an even bigger disappointment that Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies) hired such atrocious young girls with attitude problems in their shop too.

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