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39 Scotts Road
Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
Telephone: (65) 6839-5625
Nightlife » Bars & Pubs, Dance Clubs
Food and Beverages » Wine and Spirits
Restaurants » International
Photos of Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - NightlifePhotos of Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - NightlifePhotos of Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - NightlifePhotos of Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - NightlifePhotos of Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - Nightlife

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    » 1 Review for “Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar ” - Nightlife

  1. hburn10
     17 Apr 2012 at 10:15 am
       Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - Nightlife   Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - Nightlife   Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - Nightlife   Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - Nightlife   Sheraton Towers Lobby Bar - Nightlife

    Wanting to try after finding out UOB has a 1-4-1 promotion going on. The place was very quiet on a Sunday 3pm despite the staff telling they were overbooked when I called prior. Guess the crowd's at Dining Room for the buffet. Oh well, all the better for a relax family high tea outing.

    English Afternoon Tea ($33 per pax) - For an afternoon with a difference, opt for our quintessential English Afternoon Tea. Served in the finest English tradition, it includes delicate pastries, fresh scones with house-made clotted cream and slow-poached berry jam, assorted sandwiches, and freshly brewed leaf tea. Indeed, you may choose from the renowned Mackwoods collection of fine Ceylon teas, from the unblended single estate black teas in different grades, to the exquisite range of flavoured and connoisseur teas such as The Queen's 160 Golden Jubilee Blend and Anniversary Blend. Not surprisingly, English Afternoon Tea is fast becoming an institution at Sheraton Towers.

    The bites came in a typical 3 tier and 2pax to 1 tier for the 1-4-1 promo. The scones were warm and fluffy and came with big strawberries.There were also ham sandwich rolls, cheese sandwiches, and ham crossiants, out of which the cheese sandwiches were most memorable. For sweets, there were macaroons, cheesecake, chocolate tarts - all not bad!

    (on the hotel website, the description actually says "English Afternoon Tea and Chocolate Fondue" and had a description of the fondue after the above, followed by the price of $33 per pax. I find this very decieving as I took it to mean that the $33 includes both the high tea plus the fondue but turns out the fondue is separately chargeable if you want it. The layout is misleading I feel)

    Japanese High Tea ($39 per pax) - Whet your appetite with our new Japanese afternoon tea that boasts an array of Japanese snacks such as Mochi, Cold Soba Noodles with Quail Egg and Fish Roe, Green Tea Daifuku as well as a delectable platter of assorted Sushi and Salmon Sashimi. Sunggle in a cosy couch and pamper yourself to a truly decadent afternoon today!

    This was really interesting, served in a standing open shelf. The soba noodles, sushi and (salmon) sashimi were served separately which made it feel like there were more food than it actually were. The soba noodles were disappointing bland but sushi and sashimi were not too bad. The mochi had good reviews, and there was a toufu-like thingy coated with soya bean flour which I couldnt understand. Some jelly-pudding, and also a black saseme kueh thingy which was quite unique.

    With all the sets, you get 1 serving of either coffee or your choice of tea but they both come in pots so its actually more than sufficient for 1pax.

    Service left much to be desired as the place was obviously understaffed - maybe they felt no need to pay too much attention to the lobby bar since it was not a full-house. Us sitting in a corner sofa added to our woes of trying to get any attention. But still, it was a good place for high tea as the likes of Goodwood and Shang were permanently crowded and makes catching up difficult.

    With the 1-4-1 promotion, its really a deal not to be missed in my opinion.

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    1. Leenie Pigs
      Leenie Pigs said:
      sure looks great on your pictures... but as you as.. maybe really not very worth it!!! But I'm sure its a great experience!!!
      17 Apr 2012 at 8:54 pm
    2. hburn10
      hburn10 said:
      Thanks :) It was a pretty good experience for sure~
      17 Apr 2012 at 11:11 pm
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