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Photos of Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - RestaurantsPhotos of Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - RestaurantsPhotos of Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - RestaurantsPhotos of Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - RestaurantsPhotos of Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - Restaurants

Food & Hotel Asia Expo, held every year at the Singapore Expo because there is no other venue that can handle such a big exhibition. Exhibition items range from kitchen appliances to industrial central kitchen machineries, frozen food, hospitality supplies, coffee machines, wine for distribution, alcohol, spirits, beverages to ice-cream machines, gelato, automated frying machines and packaging requirements.

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     17 Apr 2012 at 10:20 pm
       Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - Restaurants   Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - Restaurants   Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - Restaurants   Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - Restaurants   Food And Hotel Asia (Singapore Expo) - Restaurants

    I know it is really weird to review this exhibition here as it is only held once every year, however this is to lure those who have the complimentary invite from their customers to go for the exhibition. Held in the expo, though far and with the consistently inconsistent MRT train delays and breakdowns making the location worst to travel there. This is an exhibition not to be missed. Spanning a good floor area of ALL THE EXHIBITION Halls at the Singapore Expo, one can only imagine how big scale the exhibition is.

    Why do i rate this as a buffet.. It is indeed a Gastromical Galore. Here is what I call all the buffets in the world combine into one location. The exhibition features industrial and commercial kitchen machinery, appliances, supplies, flavoring, frozen food, fruits, nuts, everything you can find in the F&B industry you can find it here... The GELATOs... so pretty, amazingly yummy and luring... one could not resist the encouragement of a free sample. There I had like the most flavors of GELATOs in one day all my life.... Crossants were also the hot favourite giveaway food.. Buttery, yummy and very crispy... You can find all sorts of food for tasting with the halls converted into many stalls of fully equipped kitchen, bakeries and cafes however... my clothes don't seemed to stink abit....

    The wine fare is also held concurrently with the food expo. Here you find a good array of alcoholic beverages, beer, spirits, wine from many prestige brands, accessories as well as free wine drinking.... No wonder it requires an entrance fee of S$80 and for trade only...

    If you love coffee and wanna know all about it... Here we have all the cafes in Singapore combined into one location. All sorts of italian made and german made commercial coffee machines are exhibited here.. on top of that... premium coffee for free... drink till you get an overdose of caffine! If you love coffee... this is the place to try it all.... pick the best you like and find the cafe that uses that!

    Don't forget the supplies for hotels and commercial entities... They have all sorts of furniture, appliances, gazebo, bed sheets for distribution. All with exquisite designs.. So if you have the complimentary invite please don't miss out all the fun and information and food... If you are a photographic enthusiast you must make it there.... See the delicacies in a new light... ever wonder what happens to that beautiful GELATO mess? See it made right before your very eyes!

    If you miss it this year... Make sure you make it NEXT YEAR!!!

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