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4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
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Telephone: (65) 6456-8191
Restaurants » Japanese, Buffet

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    » 8 Reviews for “Suki Sushi (Ang Mo Kio) ” - Restaurants

  1. tinystickfigures
     13 Dec 2008 at 8:01 pm

    I would like to say otherwise.. the service there was okay actually. Probably sometimes because there's too many customers during peak hours, causing the staff there to feel aggravated. The food there is really cheap. I guess it's a little cheaper than other sushi places like sakae sushi etc ? It tastes great too. Great ambience too. I went to eat at suki sushi on a Saturday few weeks back.. and there's only an additional charge of $1, which is very little. colour plates were merely going for $1.20-$1.80, unlike some places where they charge $2.00 to $2.50. On a whole, I think it's great. Nice ambience, average service (Don't dare to expect much).. and most importantly, great food!(:

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    1. sakurrin
       29 Jul 2008 at 10:11 pm

      Went to the AMK k box often and chance upon to see this sushi restaurant. What makes my eyes brighten up is the 99 cents sushi per plate that they offer.

      However, the service attitude is terrible! Everytime we tries to order something which is not on the belt , we did not get anyone attending to us ! We need to get out of our sits and approach the staffs !

      Nevermind about that as we thought the value of food will cover the our unhappiness . It became worst when we went to try out the $9.99 buffet (included one free drink ) which is only available for MON - FRI 2-7pm .

      We went there straight away after our lesson and when we reach there it is 1.45pm . I remembered clearly that we asked them if we could go in early and just sit there patiently to wait for the time without ordering ANY food .The Manager reject my offer and insist we can only went in when it is 2pm. We had no choice but to go to the nearby AMK library.

      Finally, 2 o 'clock arrived . All of us walk towards the suki sushi with our HUNGRY stomach, feeling exhausted ! As soon as we sat down , i tried to grab a few plates of sushi but i was stopped by my friends as they said it is better to let the staff know that we are having buffet .

      So i walked toward the counter and asked them if i need to inform them first or inform them when we paid for the sushi.I was told that we can tell them when we pay for our bills.

      HOWEVER , i was totally furious when another staff came to us and said we need to pay for the drinks as we did not inform them we were having buffet. I was baffled by his words and tried to reason out with him .

      TO CUT SHORT , we still paid extra for our drinks and our buffet bills so end up we have two drinks.

      To summerise my review , i will never stepped into the suki sushi for this worst eating experience i ever had!

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      Rating given:1 stars
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      1. kimmybabie
         18 Apr 2008 at 1:57 pm

        After reading the reviews of other Yebbers, I've decided to give it a shot.. My boy n i went searching for the place.. We walked almost an entire round of tt building and finally found it!

        My 1st impression of the restaurant is GREAT! The deco is so high-class! It's a bamboo theme restaurant and the ambience is just smoothing.. We were greeted by a waiter and served us to our seats.. Because we reached there at 9pm which is pretty late, he told us that our last order would be at 9.20.. So i grabbed the menu and started ordering right away..

        Orders tt i can remb:

        Salmon sushi (99cents) - It was Great! The sushi has just the right amount of sweetness and a thick slab of salmon on top..

        Tuna Sushi (99cents) - I love the taste of the tuna..

        Chawanmushi ($2.99) - It's so-so Nothing fantastic

        Fried Vege ($2.99) - It's just like the fried vege at Sakae just $1 xtra

        Salmon Sashimi ($5.99) - There's 6 pieces! n i think because it's near closing so the chef has to reslice it.. The salmon is so THICK! But it's not those top grade ones.. Texture is so-so only and a hint of sweetness

        Gyoza (99cents) - It's like those regular gyza but cheaper in cost

        Fried Toufu (99cents) - Not as crispy as Sakae's or other other places

        Cha Soba ($6) - The texture is like Sushi Tei's (QQ) but the sauce is like Sakae's.. Diluted..

        Octopus Sashimi ($5.99) - Only 6 tiny pieces but my boy say the taste is nice!

        Ebi egg(The orange ones) Gunkan (99cents) - It's regular taste

        Fried Maki (99cents) - It's yummy! much beta than Sakae's!

        The bill came up to $37 after GST n bla bla..

        I'll rate it 4/5 cause it's value for money Ambience: 4/5 Service 3/5 Food: 3.5/5

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        Rating given:4 stars
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