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Food and Beverages » Coffee & Tea, Bakeries
Photos of The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf (ION Orchard) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf (ION Orchard) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf (ION Orchard) - Food & Beverages

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     10 Dec 2012 at 10:29 am
       The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf (ION Orchard) - Food & Beverages

    Great place to hang around if you are with some friends and looking for a place to rest your legs and chat up a little. Sadly they only have like 2 sets of couch seat which could house approximately 8 person and the rest of the seats are normal dining height table and chairs.

    I admit... its pretty hard to get seats especially on weekends and near to exam season as we do see many students making study time here. Its not exactly conducive for study with the noise and discussions going on.

    2 things i really like about this place.

    1) The merchandise corner. They have 2 merchandise area. One is near the entrance whereby you could see all their merchandises like Coffee powders, tea leaves, Coffee Machines, the ever so lovely mugs, cups and other memorabilia. The second one is this rack of tea leaves and cans of premium chocolate powder and other drinking stuffs on this classic wooden rack surrounded by dining tables and chairs. Browsing is easy and the items are so reachable, despite the steep prices, I myself have bought quite a number of their merchandises for myself and my friends and families.

    2) The condiment counter is great. Last i checked, they do have a great variety of topping powder instead of just the regular, chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla, they now have 'STOLEN' and other exotic concoctions for you to SPICE UP YOUR DRINKS.. I simply LOVE THAT KIND OF FUN!!!

    I always loved the "ALL DAY BREAKFAST" I think its a pretty good deal for a hearty breakfast that always serve with a side salad of hearty lettuce and cherry tomatoes, with chopped almonds and cranberry drizzled with italian sauce... HEALTHY and APPETIZING... Coupled with a cup of all day refill brew of the day... Its pretty worth it as a decent breakfast in a comfy environment just goes at most S$12.

    Also try the lunch sets.... I tried the black pepper chicken Fettucini and it was great.. For S$13, I've got a huge plate of yummilicious main with a glass of ice fruit tea. The serving was really good and it took the help of my other friend to finish it. The sauce and chicken is of a generous portion, noodles well cooked and springy when chewed.

    Besides great coffee, great breakfast and interesting merchandises.. Now their Lunch are also fabulous.

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    1. sakurrin
       04 Sep 2009 at 2:07 pm
         The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf (ION Orchard) - Food & Beverages   The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf (ION Orchard) - Food & Beverages

      It was our last paper and we decided to shop at ION orchard...after half an hour of shopping, my friends and i decided to settle down at coffee beaN and have some drinks.

      then i remember i have this coffee bean card which i got not long ago so i ask my friends if they want to use my card to purchase so that i can accumulate points !!! :D

      but then when my friend want to pay the bill, my card only has a value of $5 which i was told by the service man at the counter, so i ask if there is an option for topping the value and he replied yes , but with a minimum of $20 ! ok...since i planned to visit other coffee beans outlet in the future , i topped-up my card.

      and it went smoothly for the transaction, after my friend has paid the my horror...the person at the counter did not want to return my card. when i wait for quite a time, i asked ..escume, can i have my card back ?

      what i didn't expect was , the person hold my card closer to him and ask me, so what is your order ?

      upon hearing this , first i got shock then next i got puzzled ! in my brain, i was hold my card so long just because you are waiting for my order ? so i told him gently saying that i am still deciding could you please return the card to me ...

      ok...i need to say it TWICE before i got my card back... and it was after he gave me an irritating look !

      never mind about that, as i only been to starbuck instead of coffee bean, i don't know the flavours well... so i ask other staffs to give me advice on the flavours...the same attitude i received from the staffs snobbish !

      my conclusion is that, i will never ever visit the coffee bean at ION orchard again !

      what's wrong with the staff over there ? i don't get it, but i do hope that other outlets of coffee bean will be good enough to change my mind on the training that coffee bean gives their staffs.

      but speaking of the food, i do think that the drinks taste not bad.. but Starbuck is still my choice of cafe !

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