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  1. mystery
     24 Sep 2008 at 1:34 pm

    I have bite on something hard and my tooth broken. I quickly went to The Dental Inn at Punngol plaza and asked to see the dentist.

    I was told by the counter girl, I got no appointment can't see dentist and when I asked to fix a date, it was 2months later. I was telling her, I need just a check on my tooth it should be a fast one, and asked her to check with the dentist.

    The dentist, a guy came out and tell me his day is fully booked with appointments and the next appointment is 20mins later, he dont mind check on my tooth during this empty slot but if it's complex case, then he can't continue. I simply nod my head.

    As I sat on his chair, he kept telling me to open my mouth, which I already did. He told me I got a chip on my teeth, he will polish and mend the chip, which will be very fast. I nodded my head. During the whole 20mintues, he have more then 5times, tell me to open my mouth bigger. I told him I already open big and no bigger then that already. He keep quiet and just do his job.

    Finally when he's done with it, he tell me that this is the 1st time he sees a patient who has such a small mouth, so difficult to do and resulting a stiff neck. I didn't reply him and walk to the counter to pay.

    As I was paying my bills, he the dentist walk up to me and asked me ' Why your mouth so small'... I stare up at him and in my heart i reply ' go ask my mama' ,,, until today, I hope I have reply him that that day... Never see a doctor so rude before. Maybe I dont have the humour for this kind of joke.

    Never step into that clinic again.. hope I wont need to see a dentist again, if I have to, will go find somewhere else.

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    1. Helmet
      Helmet said:
      Interesting review. I think u will be more angry if he ask why your mouth so big. Just find it strange for a dentist to ask such a question.
      03 Feb 2009 at 5:06 pm
    2. mystery
      mystery said:
      Have you hear a dentis comment on someone's mouth big, No coz it's easier for him to work with. Or rather a standard mouth. Yes, it's a very rude dentist not strange dentist
      08 Feb 2009 at 11:40 pm
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