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10 Anson Road
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Telephone: (65) 8509-2942
Restaurants » European, Western
Photos of The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - Restaurants

Just a short summary of why we decided to bring our love for food, and especially Italian cuisine, to the casual shacks of Singapore. We believe that serving quality Italian cuisine is essential and allowing our guests to enjoy them without the worry of having to take out their calculators to start calculating the bill is healthy for their minds and pockets. How great it is to be able to enjoy and concentrate on the delectable moment of pure Italian indulgence.

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  1. thinkefy
     28 Mar 2014 at 9:46 am
       The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - Restaurants   The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - Restaurants   The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - Restaurants   The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - Restaurants   The Wicked Garlic (International Plaza) - Restaurants

    A nice cosy joint tucked right opposite the UOB Branch inside International Plaza. Its a small joint that serves italian cuisine big in taste as well as portion. An excellent choice of pastas, pizzas as well as risottos and yummilicious desserts.

    We were passing by and got drawn in by the rich aromatic flavors in the air, spices, burnt crusty pizza and loads of wicked garlic that tickled our senses and cause excess salivation. So we managed to find some seats at what looked like make shift dining tables, simple, no frill just a table and some stools and there was no menu except the one that were being scribbled onto the black board in chalk; "i love the environmental friendly act, except I can't really read all the selections at once". Seating was pretty tight I must say, elbow to elbow and back to back for some, i mean the guys would simply love it except it was pretty warm and well, some were breaking into sweat (i wonder hot or cold).

    There were not many choices yet the selection was great, simple heart warming selection of traditional Italian Home Cooked affair and what delighted us more was the happy hour for the beers. So we ordered some stuffs to share at the counter, made payment and collected a cute cone table number. The wait was about 5 mins before drinks were served and well the appetizer. Service was prompt...

    1)INSALATA ALLA CESARE - Classic caesar salad fit for Caesar himself, the portion was good to share, but Caesar decided to eat it all by himself, so this I didn't get a bite. The toss of romaine lettuce was fresh and crunchy (as i spy hungrily and noticed the crunchy snaps happening in somebody else's mouth, and yes i do have a keen hearing). Drizzled with a good amount of caesar sauce (which is not figure flattering), popped in loads of croutons that by now are limp from soaking up too much liquid and a generous flicker of parmesan cheese.

    2) DIAVOLA - Pizza topped with pork salami. Its 10 inches... yes a good whole 10 inches in a thin slightly burnt hand rolled crust. Simple and traditional it felt like and tasted homely. Generous topping of cheese and thin round slices of salami looking like crop circles in a field of corn. It tasted regular while i was really looking for a wow factor in which i can't find except that sweat mixed with pizza is particularly salty. I would wish they would use a cheese with more Edge and character that clashingly brings out the salt and muskiness of the Salami. It was regularly nice and yummy for a Comfort Food.

    3)LINGUINI AL NERO DI SEPPIA - Pasta tossed in Black Squid Ink Sauce. We wanted to try something more exotic and hope that it could bring out the WOW-Factor in this cafe and we spotted this. Well it is as illustrated, normal pasta tossed in the supposedly flavourful squid ink was not as black as it should be. Tasted pretty regularly nice with generous rings of squids and olive oil. Pasta was cooked a little too soft and not as flavourful as it should be.

    The food was priced decently with good portions and don't really expect much service in a bistro. Nice place, could do with more space yet the unintentional squeeziness made it feel nice. Central aircon couldn't help much so bring along a hanky just in case it gets too drippy. Its good to eat and go home as the clothes do gets lingering cooking and especially garlic smell. We went to meet somebody else after dinner and smelled really wicked at the next location. More perfume doesn't work, it just made it worse....

    Nice joint, will come again :)

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    Rating given:3 stars
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