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6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square, #01-213
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: 6883-1123
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  1. kormmandos
     12 Jun 2007 at 11:57 am

    好看不好吃 (looks good, but doesn't taste good)

    I found this the ambience pretty nice and cosy. It had those private dining areas with low tables and leg cavities similar to Sakae Sushi at Marina Square but better because you will probably only zao geng to the wall. The privacy also gives the customer a sense of exclusiveness.

    For service, I have to say Waraku scores well as they take initiative and are very responsive. A friend had made special requests for certain orders and were not disappointed.

    Call me picky if you want. While Waraku's menu is quite extensive, it is quite a task to find an item that screams, "Eat me!" Also, there isn't anything that's value for money. Plus, I had a hard time deciding what I should order. I ended up with this beef paper steamboat listed in the lunch set meals menu.

    I have to say that the quality of food isn't what you would describe as fantastic. Compounded it with the fact that there wasn't anything inspiring in the menu to begin with, Waraku really left a bad flavour in my mouth. The beef paper steamboat only came with 4 pathetic slices of beef. When I sampled a friend's teriyaki chicken, my immediate response was a my best constipated expression. The chicken was tough and dry like it was microwaved.

    Can somebody recommend exactly what is actually good at Waraku? Or is it just me being luckless?

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    1. Pharque
       06 Jun 2007 at 6:58 pm

      The very first time I had Waraku was one year ago at the Marina Square branch.

      Service is excellent, food was good against the price, ambience was great too.

      Recently I went to the branch at Central, and the experience was the extreme opposites.

      There were many people there at dinner time, design of the restaurant appears to be packed, I felt that 'stress' eating there.

      Since there were many hotpot dishes, the air-con was disturbingly low and the oxygen was minimal too. This probably contributed to why the staff have awful expressions.

      They were ALL frowning, except the Japanese receptionist guy, who initiated the idea of serving drinks to the waiting customers.

      Dishes were served with a bang in on our tables, when we asked for apology, the apology was given with reluctance and frustration.

      Their so called 'free-flow' of ocha was slow in topping up, evn upon request from customers.

      I had Beef Kaminabe Set in miso, the soup was too thick, beef that is not even on par with Yoshinoya beef bowl. If I can pay $4 for a beef bowl in Yoshinoya and better than Waraku's beef slices, why not go Yoshinoya.

      The tempura was too oily, instead of the usual light feel, and had this 'lao hong' uncrisp.

      I was really disappointed with Waraku's quality control. I went back to Marina's and it was still as good.

      I strongly believe that the excuse of the restaurant being too crowded and lack of staff is never an excuse, the restaurant ought to hire more capable staff than one bouncing promoter who refuses to do waiteress' job. I have seen more multi-tasking waiters and waitresses in our places, keeping the place right though they are 'shorthanded'.

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